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Car for sale - nissan x-trail 4wd


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For sale is our 2003 Nissan X Trail that was the first car that we bought when we arrived here in January 2012. It had 194000 kms on the clock when we bought it and now has 238000kms.

It had a problem with the engine in that it was burning excessive oil, so it had a replacement engine with lower kms about a year ago. I was told that the replacement engine had about 100000kms on it, and we have since added about 17000kms. It also had the clutch replaced when the engine was done. I have the receipts for this work.

It is a 5 speed manual and it is a light gold colour. It is the Ti model, which is the better one.

The car had some service history when we bought it and we have serviced it every 5000kms since owning it.

We have just replaced the rear brake pads and the front pads and rotors.

We have just replaced the internal fan motor as a bearing had gone meaning that it was making an awful noise every time the fan was on!

We have just replaced all four tyres in order to sell it as all 4 were only just over the legal limit. These tyres have only travelled from the tyre shop to home( About 2 kms!!).

The body work is in very good condition considering the age of the car.

The interior is in reasonable condition for the age of the car and considering it has been used as the family vehicle for the last two years.

It is very economical and returns about 9 litres/100kms when used as a run around.

The motor is very smooth and in great working order since its replacement. It does not burn any oil now.

We will leave the roof racks on there is the purchaser wants to keep them.

We drove up to the Flinders Ranges last November and it was fantastic. We have never done any serious off roading, however we have taken it onto the beach a couple of times and it has been great. We have also driven on some unsealed roads in 4wd and it was brilliant

It has been very reliable and is a fantastic car for the money. The only reason we are selling it is because we wanted a larger car with seven seats, so we have bought a land rover( a long held dream of my husband!!).


The car is for sale for $7000 ono.


I will attach some photos tomorrow. Please PM me if you want any more information. We are in Moana.

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