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    My once-beloved mountain bike is seeing very little use over here (I live in Hallett Cove which may explain it) so I've decided it's time someone else made use of it.


    It's clean enough but could do with a service, especially if you're keen on stopping at traffic lights.


    The tyres are new and it's also being sold with the (Specialized) lock you can see in the last photo; I may even have the keys too!


    Size-wise, I should be fine for anyone up to maybe 6'; I'm 5' 8" and it's fine for me but the seatpost has some more extension it it I think, from memory.


    Photos attached.




    photo 4.jpg



    I've spent far too money on it, over the years, but I understand the chances of me seeing much of it now are slim but I'd like to get $200.


    PM if interested.



    photo 1.jpg

    photo 2.jpg

    photo 3.jpg

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