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Guest Chelseadownunder

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Guest Chelseadownunder

I need to ask you guys the following and I would realy appreciate your thoughts.


We are looking to rent when we arrive.


How far is Seaford in time from Adelaide centre.?

I am trying to find nice places to live either just north or just south, new houses and a good area but dont want to pay mega bucks, looking at Seaford and nearer any ideas?

Are house prices stabling or still ballistic?:unsure:

Have you guys found there is plenty of work?

There was a post on this site saying about shottings etc, I was obviously concerned, would you class Adelaide a safer place than UK (Outside London)?

Do you find Adelaide is too quiet?:unsure:

Does it rain allot?


Thanks for any thoughts you have. Look forward to seeing some of you when we get there.

Scott Charlene Brett Bree & Kimberley


:biglaugh:P.S. I am dixslexic as you may have gathered

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Guest ali@51

Join the club their are a few of us on here mentioning no names!!! Have you though of applying for OAA it would give you bit of time to look round once you got here. Only been here a week but I think seaford is quite a way out

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Guest Chelseadownunder


Thanks for you reply !

Sorry I dont know what an OAA is. I have a visa 100 which is permanant.

Would you say Seaford is 45 mins from centre?

Is there some nice fairly new houses/areas nearer Adelaide centre that arent mega bucks like Brighton etc.

Brett UK

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Guest Trakki

What we have done to find out distances etc is to go onto google earth and then you can get directions and it tells you how far, we have had to do this as I am a childrens nurse so am tied to a few hospitals and don't want to travel miles.


OAA is on arrival accomodation. Have a look here: http://www.immigration.sa.gov.au/site/services_onarrival.php



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Guest Libby1971



On Arrival Accommodation is provided by the SA govt IF they have anything available when you arrive and you have successfully applied for it. It is cheap, includes bills, and is given for a max of 12 weeks. Most people are in it for not more than a month or so.


Seaford is about 45 mins from the city OUTSIDE OF RUSH HOUR. During rush hour it can be longer. In fact, it is much longer.


The closer you are to the city, the more expsnive the houses. The closer you are to the beach, the more expensive the houses. There are some new houses being built in Hallett Cove Heights and in Noarlunga Downs - both suburbs have train stations as well as good bus routes into the city.


House prices are still rising. To give you an indication we bought our 4 bed house in August last year. Nice presentation, need updating in kitchen and bathrooms. Views of reserve and good layout with air con throughout. A house down the road, in the same road, was up for sale last month. It was a 3 bed, no air con, smaller than ours in need of decoration throughout althgouh it did have a larger garden than ours. No views. It went for more than we bought our house for and was advertised $280k plus. We had our house valued recently and without the house improvements our house has increased in price by $40k.


While you read about shootings, I read about 14 kids being stabbed or murdered in London, and people being killed or attacked all four corners in UK. Yes people die here but they are the bad guys killing each other. Innocent people aren't being killed by lunatics who then claim to be victims of the system and are then let off. I have brought my precious family here and I know they are safer here than in the UK.


Adelaide is quieter than where we lived but I like that. It is more family friendly. It does not rain alot here and the water shortage is frequently mentioned in the news. Australians are very environmentally aware although still busy polluting the place.


As for work, it depends on what area you are in. Just because Australia wants Skilled Workers, it doesn't mean the vacancies they have are in areas that you want to live in. Most vacancies are in the middle of nowhere. We finally have perm work but had contract work from Apr to Jan.



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Guest Deb17

Seaford's a nice place - lived there for a year. As far as I'm concerned house prices are still going up, and rents too. It's about 30 minutes to the CBD if the southern expressway's open in the morning, and about 45 minutes if you have to take the 'long way' via Brighton or South Roads. Adelaide must be safer than a lot of UK, but depends on where you live - not much crime in Seaford or further south. And no, it doesn't rain, hardly at all!

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