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Guest Chelseadownunder

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Guest Chelseadownunder

I am in the process of taking PS146 in the UK before coming out. Looking for financial planning type work. Is there demand there? Is there anyone on the site thats doing this kind of work? It would be great to get some Idea of what its like in Oz:D

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Hey, just noticed your post, I am a qualified Financial Advisor here in Adelaide and used to be in the UK for Natwest Bank.


Its good that you are taking your PS146 that may help, there is a fair bit of demand for Financial Planners here in Adelaide, more so for Para Planners though.


The industry is much more sophisticated out here and seems to be one step ahead of the UK in that respect.


Do you work as a Financial Planner? Do you work for a Bank or in a private practice?



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Guest Chelseadownunder

Hi Andy


I am currently in the UK working as an IFA self employed 10 years. Was a tied agent before. As I understand it, the common thing over there is what we would call in the UK multi tied where you work for say Bank west but can advise on a range of insurers. Am I right ??

Who do you work for ?

How do the wages compare there. Is it all targets targets .... Do they give you a fair go. Do you find it harder with no imediate client bank? I have a good client bank in the UK so scared to leave it.

Are there opportunities to go into other fields/ career progresion?

Can you get a job and then train in house to get the advanced diploma etc.

Is it hard making the change to Oz with different tax system etc Products...

Good places/suburbs to live(Not megag expensive)? Would you buy now?

Loads of questions any help is much appreciated


Thanks Andy


Scott (UK)

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