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    I work as a SW in UK in Adults and would like to know if getting a job in Adelaide would be fairly straight forward, I note that on some of the threads there are discussions of great difficulties in migrants finding work once they move to Oz. My husband would be coming over as a gas fitter (gas boiler service and install, gas fire and cooker installations), recently qualified. We understand the skills assessment process for me and the process for my husband just worried about job opportunities.


    Thanks in advance :)

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    It really depends on the type of work you do with adults as a SW. I work for AnglicareSA in Adelaide and they would be worth applying to as they have quite a large aged care focus and some disability services. If you have child protection experience you would prob find getting a job fairly easy both with any of the Non Government Organisations (NGO's) or with Families SA which are the SA version of social services. If you work with adults who have mental health disabilities you could apply to DisabilitySA, Uniting Communities, Autism SA, Centacare, Salvation Army, Barkuma. Jobs are harder to come by now than they were when we came over in 2009 - the job section in the local paper "The Advertiser" is much thinner than it was. Check out and to see how many there are if you haven't looked already. Good luck for when you come over! Nicky

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