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Guest Ellie

Off to Seminar

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    Guest Ellie

    Hi Everyone,


    Haven't posted for ages been busy with Wedding plans. We are off to the Birmingham Seminar at the Hilton Warick Hotel on Sunday. I'm really looking forward to it. We haven't set the ball rolling yet as we have so many questions. Not really so much for us but my parents. We all live together and have so much to consider as regards them. I am only child and to sell leaves them homeless. My Mom had a bad fall last week and broke 3 ribs and her wrist which only emphasises the problem of going without them. Mom is happy to come with us but Dad very comfortable here and is not totally against the idea.

    However our situation is not good and the building trade has been on a steady decline and now Max is out of work. This is a huge strain especially 6 weeks before our Wedding. I know the grass looks greener the other side but I truely have to believe it is. I'm hoping there are people at the seminar to help with employment. It's been booked ages but we are so eager to go it's been a lifetime coming round. It all seems very complicating but I really want to go for it. I will let you know how it goes. All I know is we will be getting Mom and Dad and laying the cards on the table! :unsure:


    Have been reading the posts and so glad so many are settling in Oz and there are lots of posts that have made me smile too. I will be introducing my daughter to the site as when we officially tell her we are 'going for it' it will be good for her to chat to others experiencing the same thing. She is 10 years old and will be leaving her fish but we will be taking our huge German Shepherd. I dread the cost but he's family and leaving him behind would not be an option.



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