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Guest steph&neil

hi any advice

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    Guest steph&neil

    Hi Im danni (girl) i am 9 years old, currently in Aberdeen Scotland & have just been told that we are moving to Adelaide at the end of June! i have a brother Bailey he is almost 5 (cute but realllly annoying!).

    would like to know if anyone out there can help with some of the questions i have;

    1) think we are going to rent a place in the blackwood area what are the schools like?

    2) what sort of stuff is there to do for kids our age in adelaide?

    3) are the people friendly?

    4) snakes & spiders are there lots of them or am i being silly (dad says i am)

    sorry i know it is a lot to ask but i am so nervous about this we have never even been to australia dont even know why my parents are doing this - they say it it will be "a better life for all of us?????????????"

    write back soon



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    Guest Worthingtons

    Hi Danni


    I am 9 too and I am coming out in the middle of August, my mum and dad were lookiing round Blackwood when we when out for a visit in march, it seemed nice. Because there were more trees and not so hot. My two 11 year old sisters :evil: :twisted: do not want to move and I sort of do :? .


    We are bringing our dog Lotty out, but I am worried about her having to go into quaranteen :( because she will be in Melbourne for a long time without us.


    I hope we can we meet up




    Your new POM friend Connie :lol:


    P.S. Don't worry about spiders and snakes, just avoid any spiders you see just in case and if you are in an area where you think there might be snakes you should just make a lot of noise. it just did not seem to be a problem when we were there. 8)

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