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Guest rockpool crab

Work Permit advice please

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    Guest rockpool crab

    Hi there,


    Can anyone advise me on how easy it is to acquire a work permit? and how you go about it?


    I'm not a student..but I've seen a job that says "requires work permit"..doesn't say need to be permanent resident. So this has got me thining a bit..maybe this is a route to take.


    I'm still going through skills assessment (6 weeks down that line)..normally takes 10 weeks :-( then I'll be applying for visa.


    This is another diversion for me! I need another one. Has anyone else gone this route? I'm kinda hoping that if I did get a permit..secured a job..then through that job they decided "hey..we'll sponsor you"..then that might be a way to go. I'm just chewing the fat really. Hope anyone can help.




    carol ann

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