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How to find a rental??

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    Guest the4hopes

    If you look for a rental in the newspaper, is it the real estate number or the owner?

    What would be the best choice, look in the paper or go to an agent?

    Any more info would be good!

    Laura x

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    Guest Richard & Amanda

    Hiya Laura,


    This is a pretty hard one to answer....

    The adverts in the paper could be either the agent or the owner. Usually, or in my experience the agent generally puts his web address under the advert to attract more business, so this could be a clue for you.


    When we were looking for our rental we used both paper (Saturday's Advertiser is usually pretty good for rentals - not the pull out section that is generally house sales)

    During the week the Advertiser has houses for rent too - I think Tuesday is the next best day after Saturday - I'm sure somebody will correct me if I have the day wrong here. We also trawled round the agents too - not sure where you are looking/based but we went round the agents local to the area we wanted to live and gave them all our details. The agents offices tend to have pamphlets of properties on the market etc.


    We also did research on the rentals via the web.


    Hope this helps


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    Guest Django

    You're best bet is to get the number of a helpful agent. I know of two agents that have helped us no end. They also love the fact that we were from the UK as they have never had a problem with a Brit. One actually stated that they prefer dealing with Brits because she knows that we are all police checked and in her own words 'Don't let in any riff-raff'. :biglaugh:

    If you want the phone numbers of the helpful agents I've found then pm me and I'll gladly give them to you.




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