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How long for Case Officer?

Guest ReadyPenny

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Guest ReadyPenny

Hi All


Can any of you guys tell me how long you waited for a Case Officer after lodging online please?


We lodged 01.10.08 and have already front loaded Police Checks, meds are booked for end of month and will be done by mid Novemember.


When can we realistically expect to get a Case Officer and when we do get one, what is the procedure?


Thanks all, am becoming impatient and I am only 3 weeks in, heaven help me in the coming weeks. I want to be in Adelaide by Feb/March and everything else is set to go.


Might need to contact Martin and Vals mum to help me out a bit here!!!!!!


Any miracle workers, crystal ball readers and psychics please pm me!!!! :biglaugh::biglaugh:



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Guest Carkyde



You can see our timeline and ours was pretty straigtforward. We were allocated a CO in Jan 08, went for meds on Valentine's Day (very romantic having a HIV test on Valentine's Day!!!lol) and we didn't hear a thing until 27th Aug despite sending numerous emails to CO, then got confirmation from another person not our CO.


But don't be disheartened by our timescales as some others have been granted a 175 in a quicker time.



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Guest vixpinkbabe



I'm 7 weeks in and going mad. Counting the days since I lodged, its crazy!


Hope you get a case officer soon! Were the medicals daunting or nothing to be scared about?


Vicky xx

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Guest Kazzarazza

Hi Mandy,


Love the pink car. Just a thought about your app. Does the immigration dept know you have a job offer with a firm start date - this can somtetimes help speed things up. Maybe up-load a job offer letter into your application. Also, is it not possible for your employer to sponsor you out on a 457 temporary visa, whilst your 175 is being processed in the background - that could be another way of getting you out here sooner with a visa that allows you to work. It can't hurt to ask.


Good luck, Karen


PS. How's Leigh these days? I'm from little old Horwich, but been in Adelaide since 1990.

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Guest michelle in havant

Hi Mandy


We applied for our 175 online on the 11/04/08 and had meds and police checks done in September, and we are still waiting for a case officer!!! There have been people on poms in oz who applied after us and have their visas already. I think it is a bit of a lottery really!!!


Good luck!


michelle x

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Guest Dave & Carole

That makes us feel better... beginning to think it would take forever. It might for us I suppose but as long as some are being processed they may get to us eventually!

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I don't want to dishearten you but it may take longer than you think. We have just been allocated a case officer as of yesterday and have just been asked for our medicals and police checks. The visa was lodged and acknowleged back on Feb 11th 08 and its a 175 with my skills assessment being in one of the trades they really, really want - apparently! Don't let this put you off as was said in another reply it seems to be a bit of a lottery as to how quick your application is processed. Good luck!

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