Guest Cunnah97

How long do we "HAVE" to be in NZ for to get golden ticket and hop back to oz again?

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    Guest Cunnah97

    Anybody help?


    We have been advised that all being well our visa should be granted in the next 10 days BUT as you know we came over on an ETA so will have to vacate Australia over to NZ to get the official stamp in our passports (all 6 of us)and then re enter again!!!

    Have heard different stories about how quickly we can do this as we just want to hop over and hop back in the shortest time possible!!!!

    Agents says "officially" 7 days BUT we can come back assoon as passports are stamped!

    Have heard of people doing it in 48 hrs,24 hrs and best of all just 4 hrs!!!!



    Any info please?



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    Hi Gill


    I know a guy who was in Perth and it was screamingly urgent to sort him out for some reason.


    His flight for Singapore left Perth at about 4pm. The CO granted his visa about an hour later. His visa label was put into his passport next morning and he caught a flight back to Perth that landed at about 11pm I think.


    He had been in Perth on a 457 visa and it was about to expire or something when he had an urgent business meeting the day after he got back to Oz as far as I remember. I can't remember the details but this guy's work commitments meant there was no other way to do it.


    In a normal situation it takes 48 hours from the CO granting the visa to Auckland having the info they need. It is done via the DIAC computer in Canberra, so the data goes from Adelaide to Canberra to Auckland. The computer only does this type of data-shifting during the night in Canberra. IT types know why this is but I don't. Apparently it receives uploads on Night One and disgorges them to its outposts of empire on Night Two.


    When my mother's visa was granted, the e-mail from her CO asked us to wait for 5 days before sending Mum's passport to London. She mentioned the 48 hour thing but said that it sometimes goes wrong, in which case they have to start the whole process again from the CO in Perth (Parents) clicking the mouse again.


    So she wanted us to wait in order to give her a chance to ensure that the stuff would be in London when Mum's passport reached London.


    I don't know what migration agents say because I'm not one. What I say is price up the trip. A 7-night package deal is often cheaper than independent travel for a shorter period. Fiji is cheaper than Auckland, too, by the way. There is a DIAC office in Suva, same as in Auckland.





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    Guest TC for short

    I would check with immigration. We came over on ETAs - myself & wife on Business ETAs, the kids on holiday ETAs. When our visas were applied for we didn't have to leave at all. We were told that once an application has been lodged you can stay until a decision is reached on the new visa. We went from the ETAs to a 442 visa & are now on 457. I really would check with immigration (you can just phone them, but obviously make sure you take a note of the person's name in case there's any come-back) because it would be a very expensive trip if it is unnecessary.



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