Guest Greg and Karen

Good migration agent in Adelaide

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    Guest Greg and Karen

    Hi, we'd like to sit down with a good reliable migration agent in Adelaide for a half hour or so to discuss employer sponsorship and aged dependent visa options.


    Does anybody have any good recomendations?



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    Hi Karen



    Libby Hogarth in Adelaide has a good reputation.


    You are likely to find that you get little or no encouragement with the "aged dependent" idea, however. Most Agents seem to believe that it is impossible to convince DIAC that an elderly person who is British could be wholly or substantially dependent - financially - on somebody else because of the Welfare system in the UK.


    I know a lady who succeeded recently, though. They have a skilled 136 visa and she did the whole thing herself. Her 85 year old father in law has lived with them for several years. She included him in the application and he was accepted.


    I was intrigued because I have another friend who tried to include her mother a couple of years ago. She got nowhere. The CO threatened to refuse the whole application unless her mother was removed from it.


    The only difference in the two cases seems to have been that the old gentleman would have qualified for a Parent visa since he would meet the Balance of Family Test whereas the elderly mother would not. The BoF test is irrelevant to the 136 visa so I think DIAC can be pretty woolly at times.


    Best wishes



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