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Guest vixpinkbabe

Medicals - "any medication in the last 5 years" question!

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    Guest vixpinkbabe

    Hi there,


    I have white coat hypertension meaning that I panic in the Dr's surgery but when at home its perfectly normal.


    The Dr put me on blood pressure medication for 5 months, which I think was a mis-diagnosis, as it went dangerously low (95/59!) so she took me straight off them (this as recorded when I did a 24 hour bp monitoring test at home).


    I thought I could get away without mentioning this medication but one questions on the medical form asks if you have had any treatment in the last 5 years :( Gutted. (this is the only treatment I have had in 5 years).


    Will this affect my chances? Im gong to the cardiologist to get a report to attach to my medicals as you need one if you have white coat hypertension. Dr says in fine, had blood tests, ECG and all sorts.


    Just in a bit of a panic that the meidcation thing may put the government off. I havent been on it since and was only on it for 5 months but still scared they may say no :(


    I'm 26 by the way. Dr only put me on the pills based on the readings on the surgery that day when I was panicking. Silly really, as my heart rate was up at 135 - not a resting heart rate so obvsiouly worked up!


    Please help, was feeling really confident about this visa thing until yesterday :(



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    Guest Libby1971

    You'll be fine!


    The problems will come if you try to hide it. Take the medical evidence with you, adn declare everything. Get a letter from your GP indicating the likelihood of this returning and the prognosis for the future adn that will be helpful.


    I am a walking medical disaster! If I can pass it...


    I say this like I sound like I know what I am talking about! SOme others on here may be able to offer more informative ressurance but given the system, I am confident that if you give the information you will be successful

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