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Guest lolandlynney

Is Anybody out there?!

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    Guest lolandlynney

    Hiya Lol and Lynney here - we're on the road to a 175 visa - my fiancee (wife on May 3rd!) is a nurse and although I'm a teacher we are applying just using her points plus 5 from me as spouse!


    We had a go under a regional visa and sponsored visa last year and are doing the legwork ourselves again to try for this more general visa to allow us to work wherever and doing whatever we like :)


    We have friends in Adelaide and hope Colonel Light is on our side - medicals next week!


    Would love to hear from any middle ageish poms in Adelaide - We rented in Henley Beach last year - so loved it ad since we;re been back we were homesick BUT fianceees sponsored job didnt work out so we were forced to come back - our advice - if you have the points go general skilled as opposed to sponsored or regional.


    A question - once arrived are we both on a permanent - as we will be married then so could one of use come home for a while if we werent sure on staying full time?


    oh well if there is anyone out there come and say hi!:):wubclub:

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    Guest Guest75

    Hiya and welcome to PIA :D


    Mrs Tyke & I are "middle aged" - ish or most think my mental age is waaaaay lower !


    I'm not an expert on visas but imagine you can nip back and forth - BUT you would have to spend most of your time her to get Citizenship.


    I'd really check with someone in authority.


    Hope it all works out for you.


    Family ties in the UK can play havoc.

    Mrs Tyke has a fairly large family and misses them.

    She goes back once a year to see them all.

    Just booked a trip back - me included this time.Did not want to go really as I've only 1 brother who comes out to see me.

    Managed to nab some of the bargain Singapore Airlines cheap flights:notworthy:

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    Guest Django

    If 175 is an option then it is certainly the way to go. At the moment though it could take longer to get but, in my opinion, well worth the wait.

    Good luck on your visa and congrats on your wedding.



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