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Guest Sharon and Paul

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    Guest Sharon and Paul

    Just returned from our reccie, we flew with Singapore Airlines and they were very good , they looked after the children very well. We Stayed at Woodcroft (Tykes Rental), The house was lovely very well equiped, and Russell and Sheila were brilliant helping us settle in. We overlooked a golf course and just a couple of minutes drive away was a shopping centre. I liked Christies Beach or as my little boy called it Crispies Beach! even though it is not rated as a popular beach. We found the people very friendly, example, one day we wanted to go to Marion shopping centre and missed the turning (must be blind)! so in front of us we could see a big hill and decided to drive to the top and look back to see if we could spot it on doing so there was an elderly couple doing their garden, we asked for directions as we were lost again, so she pointed us to the right turning and she said when you have finished shopping come back for a cup of tea, I couldn't believe it, but thats what they were like. We took a few days out and went to Sydney, ( just like London okay in small doses). Oh I forgot to mention my liitle boy got chickenpox. On our return to Adelaide we stayed at Tykes other rental in Seaford. Once again the property was great with sea views , we liked the location. We done the touristy bits, Mount Lofty, Cleland Wildlife Park, Barossa Whispering Wall, couple of wineries, and couple of chocolate factories, kids did insist on this! and Victor Harbour. We tried to see and take in as many areas as we could, starting with Aldinga, the houses here are very well priced, lots of new houses, but I thought it was too far out ( please this is only my opinion). Christies area the houses are older, but i think this is an up and coming area which has a lot of potential. Seaford has a lot going for it great position with Moana and lots of new houses being built, we did look at some show homes in this area and this is where we would like to buy, depending on work. Port Noaralunga overlooked by most of us, but had a fantastic play area for the kids. Hallet Cove good choice here with older houses beach side and newer on the other side of the road. Glenelg saved the best to last if you're well minted!!! This is where people come for their holidays, Jetty Road the main street with the tram and Moseley Square. The CBD was not for me, when we first looked at houses on the internet we loved Mawson Lakes, we only had an afternoon here and had lunch on the Promenade and looked at the nice houses, but I didn't get the feeling of wanting to live here. House prices here have gone up alot since we started looking. We went up to the Adelaide Hills on a few occassions winding roads galore. The roads in general we found in very good condition (road signs could have been lit up better at night).

    So our overall opinion is all the boxes have been ticked, the big question is jobs, there is a recession here as well, time will tell.

    Back to our reccie we were due to fly home on the 17th April but true to form our daughter then gets chickenpox and we were delayed another 11 days. We eventually returned to the uk on 28th April and on the 29th April we exchanged contracts on the sale of our house and are due to move out on the 22nd May with a view to flying back to Adelaide on or around the 30th June permantly.

    I hope I haven't bored you too much, but please this is only my opinion based on 5 weeks so do your homework and ask questions on pia and hopefully oneday we will be meeting you in the land they call Oz! :D

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