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    Thread: taking our dog to adelaide

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      Talking taking our dog to adelaide

      can anyone tell me how much it could cost to bring my staffy with us please

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      Its all t do with the weight of the dog. On top of that, you need to measure his height, length and breadth. Pass these details onto whatever firm that you use and they will quote you on that. The measurements are needed to ensure the box they provide is big enough.

      Dont forget the quarantine fees on top.

      All in all, it cost us about 4 thousand (English) to bring our (very big) boxer although that also included a flight from Melbourne to Adelaide.

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      cornish Busdriver
      2,800 pounds for flights and meds. (air-pets0
      $1300 quantine fees (spotwood)
      $302 flights from melbourne to Adelaide (jet-pets)

      that was for our 2 dogs (westies) with collection from cornwall and a weekend boarding at the heathrow kennels, but for one dog its probably gonna be three quarters of that and maybe a bit more cos staffys are bigger,
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      thank you very much he is a very very big staffy and hes only 8 months old but thank you again for info


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