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  1. kildorragh

    How long did it take you to feel settled?

    I guess one way of looking at it is that if you felt totally settled in the UK you wouldn't be on this forum asking the question. You, like everyone who has experienced migration are obviously looking for something new. Embrace the challenge. You're not living on the other side of the world from your family - you are merely giving your family the opportunity of having a cheap holiday to Oz!! Been here 8 yrs now. The kids have had a smile on their face from Day One - guess I was settled from Day One. Good luck.
  2. kildorragh

    5 weeks in and loving it!!!

    Well done mate - you've arrived in a great part of the world. No agg' - peaceful place. Our 3 boys all went to the Hub Primary - youngest will be moving to the high school at the end of the year. Good luck with the job search. Tony
  3. kildorragh

    The other side of the coin

    Not got a wide circle of friends over here but know of eight other poms that have been as lucky as me. Guess we all got sprinkled by the fairy. I apologise for leading you up the garden path - we all took the last remaining jobs in SA. All the best, Yosser
  4. kildorragh

    The other side of the coin

    Jessica, arrived seven years ago but the Commonwealth jobs were in 2011 and 2012 - separate agencies. The wife started work in 2009 but got her current job towards the end of last year. The thrust of the message was to not believe that all migrants are way down the pecking order when the Job Fairy sprinkles her dust although LC does have a point when referring to attitude.
  5. kildorragh

    The other side of the coin

    Agree with you Jim - life's a continual trade off. Made the move over here to give the kids a better future. We're worse off financially as the pension I could have taken next year can no longer be touched for 13 years. Job - another trade off. Enjoying what I do but lost 25 years of reputation. Friends - another trade off - everyone over here only knows about my life over the past 7 yrs. BUT The kids are thriving big time. Me and the lady will continue to trade off with a smile on our faces.
  6. kildorragh

    The other side of the coin

    There really are plenty of positive stories like this. Spent a lot of time lurking on this site over the past right years and repeatedly read about the doom and gloom of the job market. Me and the missus are not special - but we are proof that the right attitude eventually wins. If you are a good nurse, butcher, cleaner or whatever - you will find work. Just don't expect it to be handed to you on a plate. You can't be head-hunted if no-one is aware your head exists. Go for any job in your chosen field, get the job and let nature take it's course. The one saying that does apply is that it's easier to get a job when you have a job. Take anything in your field to bring in the money and then pick and choose. Prove your worth through actions. Sermon over. I promise.
  7. Good morning, Just want to dispel a few concerns that new arrivals may have in relation to the job market. The majority of references to new jobs appear to default to 'It's who you know - not what you know'. Yes that does occur, but it's the same in London, Manchester or Perth. I applied for two govt jobs and purposely didn't ask any locals to review the cv or 'put a good word in'. Got accepted for both. The good wife did the hard yards one week and handed in copies of her cv to a number of local hotels (accommodation) - none of which were advertising. She got a call the next week and ended up running the place. She's now working at a 5 star hotel in the hills - another job snagged with no 'local' involvement. If you put yourself about, have the confidence in your ability, you will find work. Good luck.
  8. kildorragh

    Second week in Adelaide from Devon UK

    Ilfracombe boy here. Landed six years ago. Devon born, Devon bred. Strong in the arm, thick in the head.
  9. kildorragh

    British Tuck shop Glenelg???????

    A little tip for those missing the Indian mint sauce with popadoms. Get yourself into Coles. Buy some European yoghurt and Colemans mint sauce. Mix them together and bobs your uncle.
  10. kildorragh

    What was your motivation for coming to Adelaide?

    ...........because the alternative was staying in London.
  11. kildorragh

    Anyone know what the wording of the law is?

    ......music on the phone - sorry for the confusion.
  12. kildorragh

    Anyone know what the wording of the law is?

    The phone has got to fixed using authorised device. The law states you are not allowed to touch it all whilst driving, even at traffic lights. Doesn't matter if you're opening text, answering a call, changing music or even switching it off. You can't touch it whilst driving. Hope it helps.
  13. kildorragh

    Happy Valley Transport

    Not sure what side of Happy Valley you are in. I drive down to Aberfoyle Hub every morning and get the G22 - it's the express bus into the city. 6.50am gets me into the CBD at 7.30. There's two earlier ones at 6.20 and 6.35. Theres a few people who get the 727 to the hub which always arrives about 2 mins before the G22 leaves. The 727 comes via the bottom bit of Happy Valley. $30.90 for a multi-trip ticket. (10 journeys). Never used the bus system in the UK but the G22 is good. Only stops about 3 times en route to city. Cheers.
  14. kildorragh

    School Advice

    Our eldest was 11 when we arrived. He took the longest to settle at school compared to the two youngest BUT out if the three, he is now flying. Wild horses wouldn't drag him back to the UK. All three found the actual school work quite easy - I believe it's because they focus more in the early years on personal responsibility as opposed to a set curriculum. I wouldn't worry at all about the school work side of things. I guess that if you give her a get out clause (with moving back to dad) if she doesn't like it, she will take it very early if things don't work out in the first few weeks. How about reverse psychology - let her spend a month at her dads prior to coming. She may find that too difficult and decide to come with you with with an open mind. Difficult situation - no easy answers. Good luck.
  15. kildorragh

    Short term rental around Happy Valley

    Apologies - I got my dates mixed up. The property is unavailable between mid September until third week of November. Take care

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