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  1. Adaobijoy

    car importing

    You are spot on Snifter,I had a terrible experience shipping one couple of years ago.Spent a fortune clearing and licencing it,only to find out that the parts were unavailable here and had to be imported from UK . most cars designed for European roads are not suitable for Oz. IMHO. It's not worth it . Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Adaobijoy

    Free Kid scooters

    Got a few used scooters to give away, May be suitable for new members with little kids (3-8 years) awaiting arrival of shipped stuff to come in.
  3. Adaobijoy

    For Sale - Kia Sportage LX 2008.

    Do you still have this car?
  4. Adaobijoy

    golden grove area

    That's true V-Bird.The layout of the leafy neighborhood of GG is designed to provide adequate access for pedestrians,vehicles and cyclist. Never had any issues with that.
  5. Adaobijoy

    10 months in!

    A very interesting piece of writing. happy to hear that your mood has lifted with the emergence of the "gorgeous" Aussie sun.
  6. Adaobijoy

    Please Help..Child Car Seats!

    What area of Adelaide would you be staying on arrival?
  7. Adaobijoy

    Inflatable pool for sale

    I have an inflatable pool for sale.
  8. Have some packing boxes available for free collection.
  9. Well Said Doug M!, could have not said it any better.
  10. Adaobijoy

    Grumpy neighbours? I don't think so...

    hmmh..!!!! I doubt if there exists any objective and practical method of dealing with grumpy or annoying neighbors, I guess if you are renting break lease early or suck it up until the end of lease and move elsewhere. If you are lucky not to have purchased a house near these " lovely persons" try and do as much research as possible, maybe try knocking on doors or asking around prior to buying.If you can afford it try and purchase a house with some distance to the boundary. GOOD LUCK!!!!
  11. Adaobijoy

    6x 4 trailer for sale

    I have a fully equipped 6x4 trailer for sale Price $450
  12. Adaobijoy

    6 cd/dvd wooden storage shelves/ racks

  13. Adaobijoy

    Complete Leather settee for Sale

  14. I have 6 wooden CD/DVD storage shelves/ racks. Price $50 For collection in person. .
  15. I am breaking the lease on a lovely 4 Bedroom house located in the flagstaff pines.Available from end of June 2015 PM for more details.

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