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    Thread: Spider ID

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      Quote Originally Posted by Libby1971 View Post
      You're bl**dy nuts, you are!

      Only you could possibly describe a huntsman as cute with a smiley face on its bum!!!!!!

      Hi Libby i think Kat was describing Martin!!

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      Quote Originally Posted by ali@51 View Post
      Ok all who is any good with sipiders. I have just killed 1. It was about 1cm across quite fat and a fluffy dark brown/ black coulor. It didnt have a white tip or a red stripe down its back. It is now very splated but i would like to know if we were at risk at all.
      Try these web sites


      They might help you id it

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      Quote Originally Posted by katsmajic View Post
      see hes cute....
      You soooooooooo need to get a life Kat

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      huntsmen are bug killers...theyre so big you know where they are, you couldnt swallow them in your sleep cos you would wake up choking

      I'm not so sure a few names come to mind;);),


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      We had a pet huntsman too Kat, he got in some funny shapes.....wasn't sure if he was maybe a contortionist spider,lol, they do shed their skin though.... looks like a new huntsman, but crunchy...Fred left us to the big wide world of the garden after he took a liking to the fruit bowl, it was either keep fred in the house or have the kids eat apples again. We've not seen a red back or white tip since we moved down here, touch wood. We killed loads in our OAA in Adelaide.

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      Oh dear God. just the names make my skin crawl. I am still obssessively checking my shoes each morning, and checking in the bed before I get in at night. we have been here 11 weeks and I'm as phobic today as I was when I left the UK!!!

      We had our first spider in the house on Wednesday night and both FREAKED out. A quick spray of Mortein and he was curled up on the floor, then unceremoniously scooped onto a piece of paper and into the bin. He was about the size of a 2 quid coin and black, so small by Aussie standards, but any spider is enough to send me running!! We can't take the chance here, so we are spraying for England at the moment if anything moves in the house!!

      Mind you, I'm sure we'll chill out eventually, and maybe I really need to get a book on what's truly dangerous.


      Traci xx

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      it's not tha hard Traci, only the red back, which you seriously cannot miss. And the white tip are dangerous....but even that is a bit of an emotive debate as apparently a bite from a white tip is not dangerous to everyone....the rest will give you a nasty bite but won't kill you. Fiona

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      and maybe I really need to get a book on what's truly dangerous.


      Traci xx[/quote]

      Or a newspaper wack first ask questions lator;)

      Got another one this morning. It was quite small I'd just moved the sofa to hover and their it was, but not for long!!!!!!


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      ok is somthing odd going on been here 9 weeks and not seen any spiders and now 4 in 24 hrs. We have just had evict/splat another 2 this evening. Has somebody advertised a spider party at ours! I'm of to bunnings for some barrier controle tomaorrow am!!!!!

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      OK been reading spider stories dont like em at all.. But we have to little boys who are both typical little boys allways out bug hunting so bit of a concern as dont want to make them scared of anything but how do you stop them from messing with the bad spiders..
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