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    Thread: Hi everyone out there moving to adelaide

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      Arrow Hi everyone out there moving to adelaide

      hi, my name is emily.
      i live in norfolk, england and i am 12, 13 in november
      my family and i are planning on hopefully moving to adelaide
      i have a younger sister called alice and she is 11 nearly 12
      we would both like to know of anyone moving to adelaide who we could talk to about stuff:D
      it would be great to get to know anyone who is moving to adelaide
      also if anyone knows any schools that they could recommend that would be really helpful
      if anyone already lives in adelaide, maybe they could tell us which schools they go to and if they like them
      emily and alice

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      Thumbs up heyaa


      I am also 12 years of age and moving next year, I haven't heared about the school but don't worry, because you will be popular. Everyone will be asking you to talk to them because they will love your accent, so popularity isnt a problem lol, so smile and look forward to it, im sure that once your there you will love it i hope you get help from this and that we can be friends.

      Best Wishes,
      Zoe :)
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      thanks zoe,
      where do you live at the moment?
      I hope we can be friends too
      xx :D

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      I live in South Staffordshire, what school are you going to over there?.

      Zoe :)

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      hi i`m Jess im 12 years old, but 13 in 4 days! yay:D I moved to Adelaide in Febuary and i`m` loving it so far. I was in high school when i left england but i had to go back to junior school when i got here. We move up to high school in January so the school year is different to yours. It is so much easier to make friends in Australia, people are alot more friendly here and really into sport. I live in west Lakes now and its really nice. we are about 5 minnutes from the beach and you can walk there in 10. I go to west Lakes Shore Schools at the moment and its a great school we go on a beach walk every friday for an hour and to get to the beach from school you just cross the road!! If your thinking about high schools Seaton and Henly are very good but le fevre and findon arn`t so good. Plus the weathers getting warm now and i think winter is coming in England so you might want to think about coming in the nice weather (we did it was such a nice change to English weather.)
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      My name is Zoe and i am 13, also moving to adelaide. Me and my family are moving to Hallett Cove and i am going to Hallett Cove School, which is great i also want to get to know someone in my position and we are moving next year.

      Zoe :)
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      hi, we are hopefully wanting to be in adelaide for christmas this year.
      if you want to chat just pm me!

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      Heyaa, zoe again.

      What part are you moving to?, and what school?.
      sounds good, we are hoping to move at the start of next year x

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      i'm moving to aberfoyle park, happy valley, that area so probably will go to a school round there!

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      Hi Emily. I have a daughter who is nine years old and although we have our visa and she tells us she is excited about the move. She is very quite at the moment and after speaking to her teacher I have found out she is scared and very upset about the move. I have spoken to her and we have discussed all the exciting time we going have in Adelaide but what she needs move than anything is some young friends to chat to. Her name is Lauren and she is ten in January she loves any kind of music and is just getting into makeup constantly asking if she can wear some. We live in Leicestershire and are hopefully relocating to port noarlunga. Thank you
      Sharon,andy, Lauren and Harvey Skills assessment 8/12/10 SS paperwork received 10/01/11S. SS 28/02/11 visa sent 7/3/11 CO 25/3/11 meds 5/4/11 meds received 2/5/11 PC 6/4/11 PC recd in oz 4/5/11. Visa granted5/5/11.house rented out and flew to oz 22/1/12 and loving it!!!


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