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  1. sharons dream

    Gold Coast

    Any advice on best hotels, what theme parks to book, just any information would be great. Thanks
  2. sharons dream

    Westinghouse fridge freezer

    Hi can I have the measurements please x
  3. sharons dream

    Westinghouse fridge freezer

    Hi can you please post pictures if still available
  4. sharons dream

    Toyota kluger for sale

    Hi where abouts r u? Can we come in the week next week to look at it please??
  5. sharons dream

    Rental required for November

    Hi I'm looking for a short term rental down south either two or three bedroom for the month of November.
  6. sharons dream

    Port noarlunga primary school

    My children are both at port noarlunga p.s and has long has you don't compare it to The Uk school system it's ok. My oldest is in year 7 now and has an excellent teacher, but in an earlier year that wasn't the case and she ended up wasting her year 5. My son is in year 1 and I'm happy with his schooling except for the fact he is working about 12 months behind what he is capable off. Again as long as you don't compare schooling its ok, but it's hard not to at times. As for high schools their is Cardijn and Tachachilli (excuse the spelling) they both have good write ups and cost between $4000-6000 a year.
  7. Hi can you post pictures please x
  8. sharons dream

    Break lease rental Port Noarlunga

    Hi can you put some pictures up please
  9. sharons dream

    Flying in 4 days eeeeek!!!

    Hi we flew Singapore and yes u get 40kg each. We didn't need anything from Singapore for this just needed to tell them at check in. Also we were over by a little in some of our bags so we checked in really early and they let it go without an extra charge.
  10. sharons dream

    Mortgage and fees

    Hi can you answer this question. We have seen a house that we love but are short of the fees is there anyway we can add the fees to a mortgage?
  11. sharons dream

    Much plumbing work in adelaide?

    Hi I'm afraid I don't agree with smify. My oh is a plumber and was very lucky, just like smify to find work. I know a lot of plumbers at have unfortunity had to go home or change careers because they just could not find plumbing work. Most companies want cert 3 or above before they will consider you. This is time consuming and can be expensive. Sorry to have to tell you this but I need to tell you the truth. Uk Plumbers are struggling to find work here.
  12. sharons dream

    Your opinion

    Hi guys, a friend of ours is starting up a business and he's not on here but I thought I would do some research for them. He is planning on offering a roof painting service, he will jet wash and re paint the roof. Also on offer there will be, house and fence washing to get rid of cobwebs and dust etc. do you think th is is a service that could take off? Any advice welcome
  13. sharons dream

    CAMPING STUFF - Tent, beds, pinic table, gas top,

    Hi can we come and have a look on Sunday afternoon please x
  14. sharons dream

    CAMPING STUFF - Tent, beds, pinic table, gas top,

    Hi would you consider separating them I would be interested in your beds but have everything eles x
  15. sharons dream

    2 days in!

    Hello Angus. Welcome to Adelaide. I agree with everyone eles, go to your interviews it is not always that easy to find work here. I know people that have been here for two years and are still struggling to find proper work, we have seen people come and go because of the lack of work. Never pass the chance by. P.S hello, we are your neighbours, been here two years and enjoying the life x

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