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  1. Bal67

    887 Visa - What's the update?

    I would like just like to tell you all we have received our Golden ticket today, the information came straight from our Migration Agent, not sure if we had a Case Officer or not. Good luck to everyone still waiting I am sure it wont be long now!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Bal67

    887 Visa - What's the update?

    Thank you so much Puitta.
  3. Bal67

    887 Visa - What's the update?

    Hi Guys, We have submitted our 887 visa today and wondered if we too could be added to the list, our agent has advised that the wait is 6 months but we should get in advance of that, so let see how long it takes!!! Thanks in advance Bal
  4. Bal67

    sacred heart high school

    We lived just down the road from that school when we arrived and I really want my son to go there, but as he was in an all boys Grammar School in UK he wanted to go to the Brighton High School a mixed school, we looked at all the schools around there and they are all very good, they all socialise together here which is very different from UK so my son has friends from Sacred Heart as did my daughter, area is lovely too, we moved literally 5 minutes away when we bought our first house. So please pm me if you need anymore information.
  5. You will Charlotte say the same one day. Good luck hun xx
  6. Bal67

    Breaking Lease in Brighton High School Zone

    AlisonAu have you seen this?
  7. Hi Charlotte, Firstly good luck with everything, you've been to Australia before which is great, we had not before we started visa process in 2012 which now feels a lifetime away, it was my decision to emigrate always had a fascination for Australia and have not been disappointed, after 2 long years of the process using a migration agent well worth every penny could not have done it without them, we arrived in adelaide with a 17 and 13 year old difficult ages to to move to other side of the world!!! We also did not know anyone here but had been to Perth where we had friends and had loved it there, but hubby's job came off skills list and did not come back on and was high in SA, so decided to try here and totally love it here, my hubby and 13 year old son have never ever had a days homesickness, my 17 year old daughter was heartbroken at leaving her bf at the time behind which really upset me and my first month here but once she got over that she has not looked back and would not go back to UK now if you paid her!!!! We started off in Somerton Park a beautiful place to live but broke lease after 5 months after buying our first home, hubby went job hunting soon after we had arrived in April 2014, it was Easter so we had a 2 week holiday first, drove to Melbourne to collect our 2 dogs then on a Wednesday after doing his white card training for building site management and by the Friday night had 5 jobs offers!!! i started job hunting once the kids had settled into school and did some temping work until I found a job I really liked which was 3 months in, both kids got part time jobs too and study, we bought our dogs over with us which also helped us settle, there is a fb page you can join before you get here where you meet people, we have made so many friends here and our social life is better here than it was in UK, weather is so accurate you can actually plan to do a lot more here and I find it's easier and cheaper too as you can have a BBQ on beach with friends and take your own food and drinks which keeps costs down. it has been best thing we have ever done, please feel free to pm me for more information of if we can help at all. I also see you are from derby not too far from Birmingham where we used to live. Lol. Whereabouts are you looking to settle? Living the Dream, Bal xxx
  8. Bal67

    Pet friendly rental from end fen/march

    What area Alison, my friends lease is up in Somerton Park end of Jan and very dog friendly we where there for 6 months before we bought a house in Seacliff Park please pm me for more details.
  9. Bal67

    Dog friendly rental needed in 2016

    Hi Alison, House I am talking about coming up for rent end of January I think. Pm me for details
  10. Bal67

    Dog friendly rental needed in 2016

    Hi Kestral, My old home coming back to rent in Somerton Park I had my 2 dogs there and then our friends rented after us to get their children into Brighton Hugh School, lovely modern house and landlord has 7 dogs and loves all dogs. Pm if you want more information just be Sacred Heart School and I know lease is up in new year. Bal
  11. Hi is it still available, whereabouts are you and can you pm me if you have. Bal
  12. Bal67

    Changing Visas

    Thank you Wrussell I will pass info on to relevant people, much appreciated your reply.
  13. Bal67

    Samsung 50"plasma tv

    Is this still for sale and where are you based can you send me another picture of line on TV please?
  14. Bal67

    Changing Visas

    Yes Blossom if you think you can't make the requirements to fulfill a 489 visa can you switch to a 457 I think it is Employer sponsored visa?? We are on a 489 and we can start the 887 procedure as of April 2016, but we have friends who have come over but don't think they now have enough time to do the live here for 2 years!!!!
  15. Bal67

    Changing Visas

    Can someone please tell me if it is possible to change from 489 visa to a sponsored visa if you cannot fulfill the requirements of a 489 in order to get your PR. TIA

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