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  1. I've messaged you - give me a shout asap mate, being 34 not a problem.
  2. We are in need of a decent regular keeper (o35) who can play in goal for our indoor footy side. We finished runners up this year and a new keeper could be what we need to get us over the line next season! Message or call me on 0418916269. Cheers! We also need a couple of outfield players for another team on Sunday nights - any age.
  3. guspjmh

    Telling parents we are emigrating

    Like I said, it is sad and must be hard, but many parents are able to put their own children's wellbeing ahead of their own. Mine were sad to see me go, but incredibly supportive and I guess I find it hard to see how being that way is anything but selfish (however devastating it may be).
  4. guspjmh

    Telling parents we are emigrating

    I'll never understand when parents are like this; isn't a parent meant to want their children to be happy and live the best lives they can? I understand it must be difficult, but I think it is putting their interests ahead of what's best for their son/daughter.
  5. guspjmh

    Adelaide vs Perth recent visit.

    Yeah, winter in Adelaide isn't my favourite time!
  6. guspjmh

    Adelaide vs Perth recent visit.

    I work in Perth 1 week in 4 and while it is quite pretty, it's pretty boring on the whole - the CBD pretty much shuts down at 5:30!
  7. guspjmh

    Adelaide Job Market

    I don't think you read my post properly. The youth employment rate in the UK WAS 23%, 3 years ago. It's now 15%; hardly likely to drive this crash you speak of!
  8. guspjmh

    Adelaide Job Market

    Just to give some perspective, the youth unemployment rate in the UK in 2012/13 was around 23%; the UK economy is performing pretty well now... Youth unemployment is always higher than the real figures, so to compare the overall rate in Greece with the youth rate here is nonsensical. To add further perspective, the youth unemployment is Greece is currently over 50%. If you come on here and accuse people of having a pre-set attitude and then try to manipulate figures to meet your own agenda you are unlikely to build much credibility. For what it's worth, I find this forum pretty negative on the whole regarding the employment issue - certainly not rose tinted.
  9. guspjmh

    Adelaide Job Market

    So, in summary; Deryans came to Adelaide, failed in finding a job and is angry with the state and everyone in it who succeeds because he/she couldn't? Now however, despite having a job paying 14 million quid a year in London, Sydney, New York or similar he/she still continues to come on here and rant about Adelaide because it is difficult for him/her to accept someone as brilliant as they are could fail, so it must be down to the city - not their crumby attitude or arrogance? Interesting.
  10. guspjmh

    Adelaide Job Market

    Bit unfair to compare London, one of the worlds global cities to Adelaide! Sydney and Melbourne both have more jobs, but people choose Adelaide for a reason; not the huge salaries, but the great quality of life day to day.
  11. All sorted now. Thanks guys!
  12. Hi all, we need a goalie for our five a side team on Tuesday. We have a 7:15 kick off at seaford, help much appreciated!
  13. I'm looking to get a recently-bought old caravan (1971) serviced. It tows ok and seems pretty operational, but just want checks and maintenance done on hydraulic brakes and bearings before going on long journeys! Can anyone recommend a decent, honest mechanic? Cheers!
  14. guspjmh

    Is anyone considering leaving SA?

    Perth is pretty in places, but the city is unbelievably boring; it shuts down at 6 and there's very little life. Perth is also far more remote from the rest of Oz and is expensive for property etc.
  15. guspjmh

    Wine regions- North versus South.

    We are lucky to be spoilt for choice. McLaren Vale is on my doorstep and I love it, so not going to argue with Tamara's post about it being no1!

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