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I thought the intention was to immigrate to AUSTRALIA,

It is. However, most people on this forum have already decided Adelaide is the place for them hence the title of the forum. Those that haven't yet decided tend to use http://www.pomsinoz.com/ and either stay on that site or move to this forum or the corresponding one for their destination.

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if you carry out research you can make an evaluation of the Pros AND Cons for each city/state.
I think you are somewhat assuming that people have just picked Adelaide as somewhere to go on a whim. I, like many on here, researched all the possible destinations every evening for a 2 month period. Although you list Sydney or Melbourne is the places to head to they fall way down on our the list.

You are of course correct. Brisbane does appeal and ticks most of our boxes. For me, in the end, it was a choice between Adelaide and Brisbane. What swung it was the climate and the changing seasons. However, all aspects in all cities and suburbs were considered before we made our choice. After we made this choice we joined this forum.