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  1. redwing

    Packing boxes needed asap!

    I have loads of empty cardboard boxes from our move. If you want them send us a PM I live in Lyndoch
  2. redwing

    Breaking Lease

    Hi folks, We have bought a property in the Barossa Valley and will be breaking the lease on our rental at the end of November. It's a 4bed 2bath double garage place in Hewett @$360/w. Anyone interested in taking over lease please PM me for details.
  3. Hi Andrew

    Just to say thanks very much for the pensions seminar last week. We are in the process of applying for PR and will be contacting you again when we know that we are successful in staying over here. I know you mentioned the pitfall of not transferring whilst awaiting for PR but because of our ages we are unsure if we will be successful.


  4. redwing

    Next PIA UK Pension Transfer Seminar

    Thanks Andy see you tomorrow Steve & Tracey
  5. redwing

    Golf Club Set Wanted - Anyone Selling ?

    I bought a golf trolly from Big W the other day and they had 'Wilson' golf clubs and bag for sale, honestly cannot remember the price but worth a look for starters.
  6. redwing

    Next PIA UK Pension Transfer Seminar

    Hi Andrew My wife and I will attend if there are any more places available. Steve
  7. redwing

    UK Tax

    Hi Guys A bit of advice needed I have recently received my tax rebate from the UK, great, but am I wrong in thinking that one should get back the tax one paid for that particular tax year and not just overpaid tax? I was always under the impression that if you leave the UK to live abroad you can claim all your income tax back for that tax year you leave in? Thanks in advance Steve
  8. redwing

    Household Rubbish

    Hi Vonne9 Thanks will try that. Steve
  9. redwing

    Household Rubbish

    Hi guys I live in the Gawler area, does anyone know where I can get rid of all my household garbage. the problem is that we have been in this particular rental for the last seven weeks and we still have no rubbish bins (we were promised them the first week). The problem being that it is a new house and the landlord and rental agent have not got their act together to get the bins from the council so we have got loads of rubbish bags pilling up in the garage. My wife dosn't want me to take them to a tip but now we have no option as its becoming a health hazard.:embarrassed: Thanks in advance Steve
  10. redwing

    More VISA news

    My wife and I are here on the 457 visa,(my wife arrived last June and I New Years eve) however there was a little clause added to this visa late last year that stipulates that one has to be under 45 when applying for PR. My wife was under 45 when she went for the interview in London and applied for this type of visa and at the time we were told when the time comes she would have no problem in getting PR. How times change in such a short period of time. My wife has even rang up the imigration people about this and there is nothing they can do. As its now stands we would be forced to leave after four years. Are we down hearted yes and no as we see it as one door closes another one opens. Luckily we have not bought any property here. In fact we are of to New Zealand next week end for a three weeks holiday and a good look around as we are now adament we will be going over there as they are open for anyone under 55. My little story is for those who are in the wrong age group ie above 45 and on a temorary long term visa. Please do not fall into the same trap as we did. Plese xcus te spelin. Steve
  11. redwing

    New Rental

    Congratulations on grand parents to be, thats one thing I miss about the UK,not seeing my three grandkids
  12. redwing

    New Rental

    Thanks guys, we have moved in this afternoon and so I will go around and measure the windows that need blinds and tomorrow ask the estate agent if the land lord is going to provide or subsidise us getting them fitted. We will make a trip to Ikea Its only when one moves in that you realise what you need, eg no plugs for any of the sinks or bath and please don't laugh :biglaugh:the reverse cycle ac unit instructions, in the previous rental we just had a wall mounted unit, easy, either on or off. Ah well time for a beer or two. Thanks Steve:notworthy:
  13. redwing

    New Rental

    Hi Guys We are moving to a new rental tomorrow and only noticed yesterday when I had picked up the keys and went to the house that there were no blinds in the en-suite, toilet or main bathroom and kitchen. The blinds and curtains that are there are only 1/2 size they do not cover the whole window, the thing is that when we went around on the open day it was an ex show house and one does not notice these things. So who is responsible for the curtains and blinds as it is not mentioned in the rental contract. Thanks in advance Steve
  14. redwing

    Whinging Pom Eggs

    Verry good , I like the captions along the bottom best.
  15. redwing

    Dealing with negativity

    Hi I'm the opposite to your situation, I'm in my mid fifties, arrived here New Years eve leaving behind two children albeit 30 & 32 and three grand kids the youngest only six weeks old and believe you me it hurts when I think about not playing with them. I to lived about five hours drive away from them, me in East Anglia they in the North West and only saw them may be two or three times a year. When I told them well over twelve months ago that we were moving to Adelaide it was shock and disbelief but they realised they had to accept it and in the end understood our reasons for emigrating. As others have said you have to lead your own life and do what is best for you, hubby and your children. I'm sure your dad will come to accept it wish you all the luck in the world. Good luck with your venture I sincerely hope it all works well for you. Steve

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