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  1. ozzieclare2be

    Tony Abbott and the liberals...your thoughts?

    Lol not cross just perplexed with spelling police. Hey ho
  2. ozzieclare2be

    Tony Abbott and the liberals...your thoughts?

    I think it's pretty obvious it's meant to say liberal lol. Can't edit thread title sorry. ( don't you just love spelling nazis who don't even contribute to discussion kind of a form of covert narcissism don't you think??)
  3. ozzieclare2be

    One Direction Tickets x 2

    Still for sale?? Pm me pls
  4. Just gathering thoughts on migrants (new old or other) thoughts of the pm Tony Aboott and the liberals, good bad or indifferent for a little survey im doing :-)
  5. ozzieclare2be

    struggling to find work

    my advice is to go in face to face with resumes, that seems to work best here, good luck :-)
  6. ozzieclare2be

    Seaford Meadows

    I live in seaford meadows myself, in an affordable rented house. I think your labelling the whole of seaford meadows isnt correct when really though you just have an issue with one neighbour. I live on a busy street with a mixture of social classes, some rented, some bought, thats the kind of mix you get here in Australia. Its unfortunate your having this bad experience but i can say the past 18 months ive had not one issue living in seaford meadows , nor have several people i know. Rather than ranting on here and putting people off buying or renting in a nice affordable area, perhaps address your issues with the landlord or the police? I think personally its great 40% of the houses are affordable, as a single working professional mum im more than happy here, as are all the people i know here . Also as someone who works with all social classes, the south of adelaide has huge issues with drugs, etc , it happens on every estate, not just the seaford meadows, you could move to seaford rise and still have the same problem! Believe me ive seen it first hand, hope you get your issues sorted , think youve just had bad luck with your neighbours.
  7. Hi is there any single people / parents 30s/40s fancy catching up for nights out or days out with the kids in the south. Almost all my friends are married and so be nice to make some new friends that like to go out .
  8. Hi moving house soon as I've just built and I'm looking for a good end of lease cleaner that's not too expensive and carpet cleaning. Can anyone recommend anyone cheers Clare:wink:
  9. Really depends on the lifestyle you want. I have mainly lived south in the 4 yrs I've been here and prefer it. Fantastic beaches etc. port noarlunga has lovely restaurants and a great feel to it, my son goes to the primary school there, and though it looks dated they are expanding and rebuilding. I'm more than happy with the school. I live in Moana, but I'm building soon in old noarlunga. Id say don't make decisions until you arrive as your basing it on other people tastes personally, good luck x
  10. ozzieclare2be

    Free stuff

    Now gone pending collection :-)
  11. ozzieclare2be

    Free stuff

    3 kitchen stools from ikea fold up beech wood and silver also kettle and toaster as just bought shiny new ones taking up space collect moana x
  12. ozzieclare2be

    Child's loft bed with desk and chair underneath

    here is a pic of the bed
  13. ozzieclare2be


    Can anyone recommend a good one down south cheers Clare
  14. For sale metal frame child's loft style bed with birch desk attached underneath and matching chair. No mattress. Urgent sale $100ono pic to follow.
  15. ozzieclare2be

    My 6 year old is unhappy!!

    hi bridget my sons at porties, just wondering which class hes in?my sons in Mr W's. Kids are usually resilient at this age, sounds like hes out of his routine, once its restablished things will settle down im sure, take care x

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