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  1. waynecaz

    Breaking lease- Hallett Cove

    Hi, sorry it's already gone. Not sure how to delete this post?
  2. waynecaz

    Breaking lease- Hallett Cove

    Breaking lease....... Lovely 3 bed,2 bathrooms,2 lounges, bar, aircon. great outdoor covered area and Seaview from the front of the property. $400 week. Great location to train station and bus stop right outside. Pm for more details. I have pics but not sure how to add them on to this. cheers Carolyn
  3. waynecaz

    Taking money back to UK ?

    Thanks Snifter, we do have UK bank accounts but our cards have expired and can't remember any passwords.... could maybe use my mums account! would using moneycorp give you a better rate ?
  4. waynecaz

    Taking money back to UK ?

    Hi All, we are going to the UK for a visit soon and was just wondering what is the best way to take our spending money with us and how to get the best rate ( as its so shocking at the mo) Thank you Carolyn
  5. waynecaz

    Anyone been to the Solomon Islands??

    Thank you so much for your reply, it would be a 2 year contract. My hubby teaches carpentry at Tafe and last year he was sent to Tarawa for 10 weeks with Oz Aid to make sure the teaches over there were teaching to Oz standards as the Island is sinking and when the time comes they can leave with a trade... So Oz Aid have asked hubby if he would be interested in starting this scheme from scratch on the Solomon Islands! If it was just me and him I would jump at the chance but with having 2 kids there is a lot to think about!! Hubby is going to apply and see what the package would be and then make our minds up! I just don't want to waste an opportunity of a life time!! Lots of research to do I think. Carolyn
  6. Hi, Just wondering if anyone has visited the Solomon Islands?? Hubby is thinking of applying for a job there and wondering what your thoughts are! Cheers Carolyn
  7. waynecaz

    The Windsor theatre Brighton

    I think at the winsor on a tues it's only $8 for double bill...... cheap Tuesday!! love it there :-)
  8. waynecaz

    House Sitters Available.

    I am looking for a house sitter/dog sitter for October. Send me a pm if your able to help!! thank you Carolyn
  9. waynecaz

    Is there a new system to renew your UK passport?

    Oh that's brilliant news....... and breath Thank you :-)
  10. waynecaz

    Is there a new system to renew your UK passport?

    But it's the kids passports that's expired... what ID would I need to take for them??
  11. waynecaz

    Is there a new system to renew your UK passport?

    ummm that doesn't sound great...we are flying to Brissy in 10 weeks but as we are only doing a domestic flight do you think we could us the expired passport???
  12. waynecaz

    Is there a new system to renew your UK passport?

    Hello, please can I ask which website I will find the forms for renewing my children's passports??? just booked a holiday and kids passports ran out in jan.. don't know where to start. thank you Carolyn :-)
  13. waynecaz

    How long for a 457?????

    oh my word my Friends visa was granted today, so that must of been 2/3 days. that's amazing!! :-)
  14. waynecaz

    How long for a 457?????

    wow is that all....... blinking heck!!
  15. Hi all, just wondering how long it takes to get a 457 visa??? the visa app has just been logged! thanks guys and gals :-)

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