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  1. huggesy

    Is there any decent plumbers?

    Morphett Vale
  2. huggesy

    Is there any decent plumbers?

    I know this has been asked before but can anyone recommend a good plumber or two. I have had two come out now, one never bothered to organise a quote and the other I am waiting on. Is it standard practice to just not bother doing a quote if they are not interested in the work? Any recommendations please
  3. Hi pebbles, welcome to the forum you will master navigating it in now time We are in morphett Vale. Happy to meet up for coffee for beer sometime.
  4. Hi, We have a Vy Holden Commodore Acclaim for sale,it's a 2002 with factory dual fuel. It has electric Windows all round,power mirrors,ice cold air con and red hot heater. It has great tyres,and starts on the button every time. Drives very well,with a tow bar too. It was orginally a fleet SA car and has high country kilometres but you wouldn't know it,drives like a car with low kms. It has been well maintained and has had a lot of money spent on it,including just having had a top end engine overhaul with all new gaskets and fluids,new radiator and it has not long had new power steering pump,alternator,battery etc. it has a few minor marks,but nothing for a car of its age/kms. It can be regod no problem. $2000 or $2200 with new reg.
  5. huggesy

    Scoopon voucher hairdressing

    Sold now. Thank you
  6. I have a scoopon voucher for sale which I unfortunately can't use due to work availability I paid $49 it's worth $153 and is a style cut, hair treatment, half head of foils and blow dry. the salon is based in clovelly park if anyone is interested $30.
  7. huggesy

    The right to die in Australia?

    It's a difficult debate with many strong opinions but I do believe that we should have the right to choose. No idea how they would police it all but I for one believe in some situations I would prefer to choose a dignified death of my choice when I choose. But as LC said maybe it should be a completely seperate issue when it comes to voting. There will always be strong fors and against I think for this one, probably more so that any other issues but we have the right to choose many other things why not this.
  8. huggesy

    Gluten free expo

    For anyone who is interested there is a gluten free expo at the show ground this weekend. Really good exhibits and demonstration $15 show bags and lots of tastings too:cool: we went today and were very impressed.
  9. huggesy

    does anyone work in Aged Care pls??

    Aged care is one of my job. Ideally you are going to need to do a cert 3 in aged care when you arrive as most companies want it some state you must have plus you csn sometimes find work during the work experience, you can use skills for all to help with the the funding makes it quite reasonable Most of the work is causal so some weeks good some not so good. It's a growing industry especially with the recent consumer directed care for home support. Pm if you want further specific details I am more than happy to tell you my experience etc of the industry
  10. Go past the Corrong and along the coast that way is a nice route we did the trip along the great Ocean at the end of last year
  11. We didn't end up going, I'm way behind on my studies so couldn't justify it would have looked to though. Spent an exciting public holiday surrounded by books and paperwork!
  12. huggesy

    Man buys car with coins

    Good on him though that takes dedication for save that much, I'm lucky if I can $40 in the money box ibefore its raided and spent!
  13. So considering going next weekend as never been and wondered whether anyone had been before and what their thoughts on it are? heres a link for anyone who doesn't know what I'm talking about http://www.weekendnotes.com/hot-air-balloon-regatta-strathalbyn/
  14. huggesy

    How much money to take?

    I sort of support what has been said, bring what you can. we started on I would say no more than $4k, my oh had secured a job before hand and we had 10 weeks in a rental already paid for. We focused on trying to pay off our uk debt before coming over. im not going to say we lived in the land of luxury but we both brought cars, secured a rental and I did a training course before getting working when it had finished. So you can survive with a bit of planning and pulling in your belt on a lower budget
  15. huggesy

    Working in your chosen occupation

    My partner does his trade that he came out on ( don't think he could do anything else, think petrol runs in his veins! Bloody mechanics). I was a park ranger for 10 years before coming over and I now work as qualified aged care worker and a trainee veterinary nurse. I miss the practical side of rangering everyday but love the challenge of a new career.

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