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    UK election 8th June

    Hi, victoria, thanks for reply, i still like to vote as i pay tax on both my UK pensions, and with the aged parent visa, i may never get citizenship here. We have met many UK pensioners here recently who are returning or thinking of returning, just hope we can afford to stay as we are reliant on the exchange rate for life.
  2. PT1

    UK election 8th June

    Does this apply to anyone returning?
  3. PT1

    UK election 8th June

    https://www.gov.uk/voting-when-abroad Just to inform anyone who did'nt know you can vote in the above election as long as you have a UK passport and you left the UK not more than 15 years ago, you have up to May 22 to register, link above. I'm thinking more about UK pensioners or their children, i've never voted Labour in my life but i will be this time, Corbyn has stated he will index link the frozen pensions if he gets in power, i know its a long shot but i voted to remain in the EU, Theresa May was strongly in the remain camp along with Cameron and Osborne, whatever you think of them, they both did the decent thing and resigned, May got a PM's pension. We all know the reason for the Brexit vote, but the borders will never go back as they were before 1974, Operation Stack would happen from Dover 365 days a year. Theresa May has already stated she cannot guarantee the triple lock, just vote whats best for you and your parents
  4. Just a heads up to anyone who feels strongly re above, there is a debate in the commons on the 20th of this month, link below http://frozenbritishpensions.org/ contact details in there, have your say.
  5. PT1

    600 Visitor Visa

    We have had 3 6 months trips using the 600 and only stayed back in the UK for a few weeks between the last two, so i presume the same applies to the 12 month period, i would check with the DIAC office and use their direct phone if the counter staff cannot help. The Perth office were very helpfull with my queries re the Parent visa.

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