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  1. We're looking to start the visa application progress through my husbands skilled occupation (joiner). I have has NVQ certificate, H&S cert and a paper breakdown of modules signed off/completed. Is there anything else I will need to gather for him before starting this process? I also read today on the gov website that a UK citizen passport is enough confirmation for the English speaking element and no further test is required...is this correct? Any other things I should be collecting before sitting down and starting the process? Ours is a pretty straight forward situation so not going through a migration agent. Thanks for any advice
  2. Hello Were just in the early stages of getting things together before submitting my husbands skills visa (he's a joiner). Hoping to move out back end of 2017 if we can. Have a 3yr old daughter. Will love to meet up with others who have moved over! Quicj question: did you use a migration agent for your skills visa?
  3. Thank you all for your replies. We have never visited and unable to visit prior to moving, so are just hoping to bite the bullet and go for it! Life's for living! I have set my sights on Port Noarlunga as an area I'd love to relocate to! Fantastic news on the construction front! Think we're going to come over on my partner as the main visa applicant and hope to get work ASAP for him. Then I'm thinking of some contract/supply teaching before I apply for positions starting academic year Jan 2018. I am also qualified to teach in Early Years and have seen more jobs advertised in this sector, so might be an option for me. I was hoping to get a sponsorship visa for my husband and fast track over but haven't located any companies in Adelaide who do that for carpenters....yet! So it looks like we'll have to go through 189 visa in the hope to be over Aug/Sept next year? Maim thinking of 2 weeks rental in Adelaide central so we can travel to all the suburbs and get a feel for places. Then, hopefully decide on a longer term rental in the southern areas (short drive to beach etc). Does this sound like a sensible plan? Sorry, I'm just trying to do the best research I can in advance! Really grateful for everyone's advice 
  4. My husband is a qualified joiner with 10 years of running his own Propery Development & Renovatiob business; specialising in residential/commercial/hospitality premises. We can come over on a skills visa as a family (myself, husband & small child) but have been told it will be quicker and more secure if he could gain sponsorship through a company. Does anyone know of any reputable construction companies looking to take on someone full time, who would be able to provide sponsorship in Adelaide? Thanks
  5. Thank you so much for your reply. It really has made me feel much more at ease!
  6. Hello everyone! My husband and I have spent the last few months discussing a possible move to Australia. After much research, we feel Adelaide would be the best option for us as we're looking to move away from 'city life'. We would like to live somewhere with good access to city & beach (up to 20mins) with a real community feel. Hoping to throw myself in to everything going on! We're both 30 and have a 3 year old daughter. I am a qualified secondary teacher and my husband is a carpenter/joiner. Having run his own business for 10 years, he wants a change. He loves the trade but thinking of working more for a company/site work, building friendships etc. Do you think there are opportunities for him in Adelaide? I'm concerned by some of the negative posts around no jobs! We have seen quite a few suitable on seek.com so hoping that in a years time the opportunities will still be around! Would welcome/appreciate any advice!
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