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  1. ShaunWilson

    Stab a burglar ?

    Huge Maglite torch off the head is good. "I heard a noise officer, grabbed my torch to investigate, startled me when i heard him, turned round and the torch accidently hit him in the head as i turned. No i did not swing at him intentionally, i don't know how he fractured his skull, but it is a heavy torch".
  2. ShaunWilson

    Driving from Adelaide to Melbourne.

    Geelong (start of GOR) to Adelaide is about 9.5 hours. Did it last week for work.
  3. ShaunWilson

    Happy on 80k or less??

    No, not for me.
  4. ShaunWilson

    $90k and living on baked beans...

    Just on an aside, remember the more you earn, the greater the amount of taxes need to be paid, combined with little or no money from the government for family assistence, child benefits etc. Not saying either opinion is right or wrong, and not commenting on my own personal circumstance (as it's got nothing to do with anyone but me), however if both are working to make that money, then child care costs would need to be factorde in. One of our kids is in childcare at the moment, and we don't qualify for any help, and the cost for one day is around $80.00. So 2 kids for a few hours each day would be around $200.00 per week maybe? So just remember, the more you earn, the higher taxes are paid, due to increasing tax brackets, and the less support from the government. On the flip side, if they know they have these outgoings, they they should budget accordingly. As we all should.
  5. ShaunWilson

    Home sick

    And your point about Scotland and Wales is what?
  6. ShaunWilson

    Manchester United Fans

    To be fair to Utd, that Barca team would make ANYONE look Ordinary. Look what they have done to the rest of the Spanish teams.
  7. ShaunWilson

    plugs in Singapore

    Same as UK
  8. Unfortunately i'm out, too many things to get done before heading off on business trip interstate.
  9. ShaunWilson

    Is Adelaide racist??

    Completely agree. And if your religion involves extra costs, including muslim only schools, then i shouldn't have to pay for them. Pretty sure there is nothing racist in having that belief? If you want to live in a muslim coutry, and be taught at a muslim school, then go there.
  10. ShaunWilson

    Is Adelaide racist??

    Australia was founded by Christians from the UK. IMO it is a predominatly chrisian country, even though i am not religious in the slightest.
  11. Will try to get there, depends on commitments. Think i'll be diplomatic and wear the scotland top and not club top. Fits a that aboot
  12. ShaunWilson

    Too far??

    Gill, Your looking about an hour and half from Noarlunga to Elizabeth in the rush hour at the moment. Hope this helps.
  13. ShaunWilson

    wait for it...................

    Well done guys, knew it would come in the end, you guys have hung in there and have got what you really wished for. Best of luck with the future (and hope baby doing well too, we had ours Saturday!!)
  14. ShaunWilson


    Sorry, but got to correct you there, time spent as temp res also counts. Taken from DIAC website "4 years LAWFUL residence in Australia. This period must include 12 months as a perm res immediately before submitting an application for Australian citizenship AND Abscences from Australia of no more than 12 months in total in the 4 years prior to application, including not more than 90 days in the 12 months immediately prior to the application" Hope this helps clear this up.
  15. ShaunWilson

    Passport Query

    Just wanted o ask advice of anyone who has been in same situation. Our goreous little girl was born yesterday, and now we are perm residents, she is automatically an Aussie citizen, and entitled to a Aus Passport. However the rest of us all have UK passports. When our last child was born here, we had to get a UK passport, and this took forever, we are planning on going back to uk in several months for a holiday and to let grandparents meet the 2 grandkids they haven't met yet, but how will this work with our new child having Aus passport, and the rest of us having UK passports? Anyone been in this situation and had any problems?

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