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  1. coolerking

    Renewing Permanent Residency

    Citizenship is the way to go, if you can get it. It really puts aside many issues, just remember to get an Australian passport. Cheers, Cooler
  2. coolerking

    Little Nippers/Surf lifesaving

    Hi, my kids still do it and love it. Best on the beach and in the water than elsewhere in my opinion. But, not everyone loves the water and some parents expect their children to do more than they could or would do themselves. I would say it's not like a sports club where you can drop your kids and go, always best to offer a hand with the age group your children are in. Being in the water and actively training will require police clearance. The 'Blackheads', I don't know much other than seeing them at carnivals and having an unfortunate nickname The kids get great all round water skills and confidence. However, the 'deep' water can get into their heads and they can get paranoid but that can be the same for adults. But, with all the supervision, where else would they get the opportunity to overcome it? Obviously, the s word can also strike fear! Overall, the kids learn a lot, have fun and hopefully learn about social responsibility. Cheers, Cooler
  3. coolerking

    Winter sunshine

    Footy and netball for the kids yesterday - was 3 degrees down at Langhorne Creek when we got there at 8am! Warmed up beautifully so that was nice. Going to 'Christmas in July', today Been here nearly seven years and this winter has reminded me of the weather in the UK, bring on spring. Cheers, Cooler
  4. coolerking

    Car detailing/cleaning

    Hi, need the interior of my car thoroughly cleaned, properly. Can anybody recommend a decent mobile company working around the Southern Suburbs? Cheers, Cooler
  5. One too many large gas bottles, so if you want to swap a 3.7kg for one, please pm me. Cheers, Cooler
  6. coolerking

    RIP Wizzywozza. Sharon passed away 16th May 2006

    Extremely sorry to hear the news, Rick. Condolences to you all. I would have come but I am in the UK for my mums funeral this week. Thinking of you, Cooler
  7. coolerking

    Wizzywozza-Sad News

    Very sad indeed, condolences to her family. Cooler
  8. coolerking

    Just arrived...eeek

    Hi, jet lag can be different for everyone and certainly will make you feel all over the place. My advice would be to get things done step by step and make sure you take time to relax and enjoy yourselves. It can be great making new friends and going to bbq's etc, but it can feel like your constantly on the move. Cheers, Cooler
  9. Terribly sorry to hear this. Thoughts and prayers to you all. Cooler
  10. coolerking

    Qatar airlines - checking in

    Thanks everyone. I think they had a technical problem but there were no problems. Cooler
  11. Hi, because of the sudden nature of a return trip to the UK, I had to book Friday. Booked with Qatar as it was the cheapest. However, when trying to check in last night and this morning - seems to have a problem and comes up with an error message. Now, as Qatar don't fly from Adelaide yet, we are going via Perth. The connection time is about two hours - could that be the problem? Tried ringing them but only open Mon-Fri - disappointed with that. Just don't want a problem in Perth. Cheers, Cooler
  12. Very helpful, thank you. Yes, thought about a travel money card; think we will use one Cheers, Cooler
  13. Hi, I have to go back to the UK for a short visit. I thought I had free insurance cover with my credit card but apparently it's the 'wrong' type. Anybody got any recommendations for travel insurance? Also, I was just planning using my key card or credit card back there. I'm not planning on really spending when I'm there but my wife may have other ideas. What do most people view as they cheapest/safest option? Appreciate any advice. Cheers, Cooler
  14. coolerking

    RRV - details

    Back in the same day - great. Cooler
  15. coolerking

    RRV - details

    That's a relief,thank you so much. Cooler

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