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  1. 887 Visa - What's the update?

    Thanks Dev.... I will also ring the Immi dept and get it confirmed.
  2. 887 Visa - What's the update?

    Dear All, Could someone please help to understand the below. In the home affairs website for 887 visa, it was mentioned that dependents should provide a proof for 2 years of living requirements. I was under the understanding that it should applies only for main applicant. ( My wife came to Australia few months after my arrival) Does this mean we need to wait until she complete 2 years of stay in regional areas ?
  3. 887 Visa - What's the update?

    Hi All, Could someone tell me when should we need to apply for Indian PCC and Aus PCC for 887 visa? Does the PCC certificate date should be after the completion of 2 years of stay in regional area or we can apply anytime. I still have 2 months to complete the 2 years of regional stay. thanks,
  4. 887 Visa - What's the update?

    Hi Guys, I'm in the process of collecting the required documents for 887 visa as my nearing 2 years cutoff. My payslips are electronic payslips and JP is reluctant to sign those. I also read in forum that electronic documents doesn't require JP attestation. Could someone provide me the link of those extracts in DIBP website so that I can confirm myself. thanks
  5. 887 Visa - What's the update?

    Going to Melbourne for is not a problem. All you need is your work location to be in regional areas like Geelong. In your payslip, make sure your work location is in the regional post code.
  6. 887 Visa - What's the update?

    Hi Bunny, Thanks for the reply. Can you pls share the content ( delete the personal info) so that I can use the format if its appropriate to me.
  7. 887 Visa - What's the update?

    HI, I will be applying to 887 visa in few months and getting my self ready with the required documentation. I need to prepare the statutory declaration for a short stay in Darwin where I don't have proof of residence. Could someone help me in finding the statutory declaration format for the residence proof. thanks
  8. 887 Visa - What's the update?

    Hi , I'll be applying to 887 visa in couple months and just started gathering all my required documents. I had a doubt , hope some one will help me on this. My visa was sponsored by NT and I flew to Darwin initially but didn't find any job so moved to regional areas in NSW and got settled here. During my stay in Darwin, I was sharing a room which I find in gumtree and paid cash for rent which means I know need to prepare statutory declaration for the same but am currently staying in NSW regional areas. In order to prepare statutory declaration, should I use NT format or NSW format ? kindly help thanks
  9. 887 Visa - What's the update?

    29Aug887, No, I haven't any approval. Is it mandatory to get an approval ? I checked in the DIBP website and it was mentioned to notify both states about your decision. Hence, I have dropped an email to both states but haven't got any response .
  10. 887 Visa - What's the update?

    Hi Guys, Need a advice.. I'm currently on 489 visa and living and working in regional areas of Australia. My Question: My visa was state sponsored by NT Govt and I spent few months there in search of Job but I couldnt get any. Hence, I Moved to another regional areas since my visa allows me to work anywhere in regional areas. Will this have any impact when applying for 887? Is there anyone in this forum who worked / lived in another regional areas and got a 887 PR ? thanks
  11. 887 Visa - What's the update?

    Hi Guys, I am holding visa 489 and waiting for my turn to apply for 887 visa. My question: My 489 visa was state sponsored visa ( sponsored by NT). I couldnt find any jobs i NT hence I moved to NSW regional areas and I have got a job as visa allows me to work anywhere in the regional areas of Australia. However, am concerned will it make any impact to my 887 visa as am not working in the sponsored state. Please advice.