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  1. Mel.R

    Builders / Plasterers / Roofers

    You will need to check your licensing requirements before you commence in business in SA. Pleas refer to the Office of Consumer and Business affairs. Regards Mel
  2. Mel.R

    Ironing service needed

    Hi. Thank you, but someone else has contacted me from Hallett Cove :-)
  3. Mel.R

    Ironing service needed

    Hi I'm looking for an ironing service. I'm in Hallett Cove. Please let me know if you can help or recommend someone. Thanks :-)
  4. Mel.R

    Attention tradies

    Hi Yes I still have a few places left. The course is self paced and you'll have access to a trainer / business mentor whilst learning. The requirements are that you need to have a trade certificate on the National Skills Needs List, be a permanent resident and either looking to start your own business or have started on in the last 2 years. Please PM me for more details. Cheers Mel
  5. Mel.R

    Attention tradies

    Hi Wil I've sent you a private message. Cheers Mel
  6. Hi All I have 19 places available for the Apprentice to Business Owner program. This program assists tradespeople that have completed a qualification on the NSNL who have started a business in the last 2 years or want to start their own business (or be a sub contractor) What you get is a Nationally recognised qualification in Certificate IV Small Business Management and 12 months of personalised, professional business mentoring. This qualification can assist you in gaining your builder's licence as it contains the required business units. Funded by the Commonwealth Government, this program is offered to you for FREE. This program has been axed in the latest budget and will no longer be available after September 2014, so PM me asap if you would like to take up one of the last opportunities to access this program. Cheers Mel
  7. Mel.R

    FREE!! Large barrel armchair

    Now Gone - Thanks!!!!
  8. Mel.R

    FREE!! Large barrel armchair

    Hi, Yes we still have it. Let me know when you would want to pick it up and I'll PM you my address. Cheers Mel
  9. Free Giveaway - Large barrel armchair from Harvey Norman, It's a bit cat scratched I'm afraid, but will do a turn for someone waiting for their furniture of for a man cave!! It's really comfy, but we just don't have room for it. You will also need to collect it. Cheers!! Mel
  10. Hi We have a black 2011 Jeep Patriot Sport for sale. It's a 2.4 litre automatic with 21723 kms on the clock. It's fully serviced and has an extended warranty until June 2018. The paint is protected with Smartkote and has. Window tints also under warranty. Tow bar also installed. Great car. Only selling due to now having a company car. The registration is paid for until end of Feb 2014. Asking price is $19,995. Please message me for more info. Cheers Mel
  11. Mel.R

    Apprenticeships in Adelaide

    There is new Federal funding coming into play from 1st Dec, an extra $3350 for employers who take on an apprentice in any of the NSNL construction trades. Funding is called Kick Start and hopefully it will "Kick Start" the construction industry into taking on a few more apprentices. The incentive will run from 1st Dec through to 28th Feb. With that, the standard Federal Incentives and CITB funding you may find more people advertising for an apprentice when this kicks off. I work for an apprenticeship Centre here in Adelaide so will try to keep you informed if I hear of any thing going. I understand how you feel, my son wants to be a baker and is trying hard to find something too!!!
  12. Mel.R

    local work V mining

    You only get paid for the hours you are working at the mine - that's correct, however there is also plenty of overtime, so plenty of opportuity to earn good wages. Having said that, mining life is not for everybody. I have spent some time up at the mines working with my clients and the fist time I went up I thought it was the worst place on earth. I have gotten used to it now, but I'm only there a day or 2 at the most. The conditions are really hard, they work regardless of temperatures and weather. The only time they stop is when the rigs are under water. Often there is no phone or internet access, so contact with home can be difficult. Shifts are usually 12 hours on 12 hours off on a rotation basis. Some new starters only make a couple of weeks at most before realising it really isn't a way of earning a quick buck. If you are looking at it as a quick way to make a buck, I would say, not the right environment for you. If you are looking at a long term career, then it might be the right choice. but you really have to take into consideration all the pros and cons before making a decision.
  13. ATEC and Mission Australia. Mission Australia will only be operating in regional Areas. The four Apprenticeship Centres operating in Metro areas from 1st July will be: Sarina Russo AusNac Business SA MEGT Cheers!
  14. Hi Please be mindful that this is now out of date as recent tenders have been announced and 2 of the listed apprenticeship centres will no longer be operating from 1st July. Please let me know if you need an updated list. To get advice on wages for trainees and apprenticeships, please refer to fairwork - www.fwa.gov.au they will provide you with the information. it's also depend on what flooring you are looking to get in to. Hope this helps. Mel
  15. Hi Fridge is gone, but bed still available. PM me for mobile no. Ta Mel

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