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  1. We are recruiting again due to business growth. Really would like to give newcomers an opportunity. Please don't hesitate to contact me for more information. Cheers
  2. https://www.indeedjobs.com/concept-data/_hl/en_AU?cpref=JXWAtnzf3XWjLOi4YeVNLhRSoEeMyZToEdN02hswpiU
  3. We are looking for new IT Technician to join our growing business. We are based in Torrens Park and provide services to clients all over SA. We are looking for a new technician, some experience would be good and a will to learn new things is essential. But by far the most important attribute which we consider important is personality. For more information please contact me: Gary Paradise - gary.paradise@conceptdata.com.au - 08 8122 9500
  4. I am looking for a Junior Technical IT Officer for my technical services business based on the edge of the city at my office on Fullarton Road, I will be posting an add on Seek over the next few days but thought I would put it up here first to see if there is any interest. This role would really suit a technically minded person that may have interest in marketing and has an extraverted personality, being able to build relationships with business customers is a necessity. Concept Data is an innovative IT company that aims to deliver outstanding customer support services and cloud centric solutions to business and education clients across South Australia. Concept Data offers a fantastic opportunity to start or develop your IT career. Exceptional performance will be rewarded and growth opportunities offered to high performing individuals. Key Responsibilities Logging of support requests and customer interactions within the back office system. Providing telephone and onsite customer support. Determining the appropriate point at which to escalate support requests. Supporting and participating in infrastructure projects and rollouts. Carrying out onsite electrical ‘test and tag’ work (training provided). Responsibility for website updates and social media marketing strategy. Requirements Exceptional communication skills, supported by excellent written and spoken English. An energetic, motivated and organised approach. Technical minded with a keen interest in cloud based technologies and general IT products. Ambition to succeed and further enhance your technical and interpersonal skills. Current driving licence. (own transport would be useful). If this position is of interest please email your resume with a brief covering letter addressing the position requirements to recruitment@conceptdata.com.au Cheers
  5. Hi, sorry about the non working email address, I have now added that address and it should work. Please try again. Many thanks Gary
  6. Hi Everyone, We are currently looking for a printer/photocopier technician to join our team to repair and maintain our fleet of Fuji Xerox machines in and around the Adelaide area. Whilst we are ideally looking for someone with experience in maintaining colour printers or photocopiers we are happy to look at people trained on comparable brands. Full brand specific training will be given and the position attracts a healthy salary, company car, laptop and mobile phone. We are looking for someone to start ASAP. If you are interested please PM me and I will give you my contact details so we can setup an interview. Cheers Gary
  7. GaryP

    Family sponsor 176

    We did a 176 family sponsor, it was easy and pretty quick.
  8. GaryP

    Glenelg night out.....

    I'll have a beer with you Dan !!
  9. GaryP

    Kate and Will's Wedding

    Well, I will be going to work as we don't get a day off for it like the UK. Its just not on!!
  10. Free wifi here is painfully slow. Depending on where you live will dictate your Internet connection speed. A lot of places in the metropolitan area can't even get ADSL2 due to bad cabling decisions made by Telstra. TPG and Dodo offer unlimited ADSL2 if you can get it, if you are using Vonage I would imagine you would want a naked service. Cheers
  11. No worries, well if any more opportunities come up I would ge greatful to hear about them, even if not for me a know a number of tech's that may be interested. Many Thanks Gary
  12. I would be interested to know what positions he is recruiting for as I am considering my options at the moment. If they are higher level positions please PM me. Many Thanks Gary
  13. I am currently looking into this myself as I am looking at a variety of options for the New Year, one of which is starting up a business on my own. I have spoken to a helpful accountant who has given me some advice, and whilst there are few things to figure out it does look fairly simple, however as in any new business the hardest part may be in actually getting a sufficient number of customers to provide an income!! When are you due over as I would be intersted in speaking to you husband to see if we have any ideas in common ? Cheers Gary
  14. There are always jobs around at the introductory/training level especially if you focus on the training the job will provide instead of how much income he will get. Seek would be a good place to start, if I hear of anything come up at this level I will certainly let you know. Cheers
  15. The trouble is, in my experience, is with the recruitment agents not being technical They don't understand the positions they are recruiting for. They try and match applicant and the position based upon a few lines of text rather than understanding the clients requirements and the candidates abilities. This is not a unique problem to Adelaide, I had similar issues in the UK when I was recruiting staff. Since I have been looking for work I can understand the pain from the other side!! I basically ended up taking a job that is not really in line with what I do for less money than I would normally accept just to get me through the quiet period over Christmas. Am now revisiting my options!!
  16. I have been known to pop out for the occasional beer, just let me know when. Cheers Gary
  17. Don't know anything about hairdressing but I work in IT and have a similar background to your husband. I have had to take quite a big step back in both my job and salary to secure work here. There aren't that many IT Management jobs up for grabs and when they are advertised i have been advised by recruitment agents that employers always consider local people or people with significant local experience first. That being said jobs do exist but do not expect to find or get your ideal job first, you may have to gain some local experience first. Cheers Gary
  18. GaryP


    Give Paul Sturges a call at Grace Removals on 8405 5022, he is a fellow Pom and is the Branch Manager there, he will sort it out for you. Cheers Gary
  19. Hi, Me and BoxerTony are playing there tomorrow!
  20. GaryP

    Money saving websites

    Hi Just wondered if anyone knows of any money saving websites over here? Back in the UK I used moneysavingexpert and hot uk deals alot and saved a fortune at Christmas. I'm not sure the kids will be getting too many pressies this year! Ruth
  21. GaryP

    Wanted: Man with a van

    We are moving into our new rental property on Friday and are looking for a "man with a van" to help us move a few large items of furniture, preferrably not too expensive! Just wondered if anyone knows of any? Cheers
  22. GaryP

    Wanted: Man with a van

    We ended up using Matey (Paul) in the end and he was excellent. He took the stress out of the day and we managed to move a fair bit of furniture in a few hours. We were really pleased with his service and rates and would whole heartedly recommend him to anyone.
  23. We are moving Morphettville tomorrow!! If beers are on i'll be there, if its just girls I will ask Ruth if whe wants to go. Cheers
  24. GaryP

    Wanted: Man with a van

    Bumping up!
  25. GaryP

    what clothes shall i bring?

    I would make sure you bring some raincoats!

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