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  1. ladycasper

    2 kayaks, all equipment and 5 x 7 trailor For Sale

    Hi sorry only just seen your message I thought they came through to my emails but dont get them.. Yes we reckon you could carry more than 2 and theres plenty of room in the bottom of the trailor too
  2. ladycasper

    2 kayaks, all equipment and 5 x 7 trailor For Sale

    Oh silly me have put price on now thanks Blossom ! advertised on Gumtree as well
  3. $2600 Ono Reason for sale is fitness issue. If you want to go kayaking.....this is a great set up. All equipment included and a trailor to carry it all. Will split trailor off equipment but not wanting to sell everything singly. Located at seaford rise 1 x 3.7m Riot Enduro 12 - used 5 times 1 x 2.6m Seak rapid Kayak - used twice 2 seats 2 x paddles 1 x male XL life jacket 1 x female high quality size 12/16 life vest 1 x 5' x 7' trailor adapated to carry both kayaks (Ramp available just needs fixing back on) Selling as job lot preferably, but will splt trailor off if not wanted.
  4. ladycasper

    Anyone selling a kayak ?

    If you have a kayak for sale you dont want to use sat in your garage would you please message me ? thanks Lynne
  5. ladycasper


    Can anyone recommend a cattery please southern suburbs ? Thanks
  6. ladycasper

    Campervan hire

    Hi All, WOuld welcome feedback please on the various Camper-van/motorhome hire companies in Adelaide ? How new / clean are they ? Thinking of a trip up to Uluru ? any tips much appreciated... Cheers
  7. ladycasper

    Dog dilemma in a rental property

    I would just agree to it, how is anyone ever going to know where the dog goes ? if you are good tennants and keep a clean tidy home whats the differnce ? dogs kept outside all the time can be a nuiscience to other nieghbours anyway, they are part of the family not farm yard animals... Persoally i think by saying just outside what they mean is any inside damage you will be charged for...
  8. ladycasper

    Breaking Lease in Hallett Cove

    Hi could you pm me some info please ? Thanks Lynne
  9. Hi all, Nice rentals are a bit thin on the ground at the moment..... Is anyone thinking of breaking a lease or know of any nice light bright clean pleasant rentals coming up in the areas in my title or close buy ? If so please would you message me ? Needed around Monday 25th or sooner. Thanks in anticipation.........
  10. ladycasper

    Anyone breaking a lease ?

    Hi is it a nice house is a nice street ? why you breaking the lease ? any detals please ?
  11. My advice is just get here all together into a furnished rental and then see for yourself what you want to do. Setting up home even in a rental is not cheap and you want your start to be as right as possible. You really DO need to see a house and its location, including what the neighbours houses look like. Its really quite easy once your here and got over your flight. What ever you decide good luck !!
  12. ladycasper

    Anyone breaking a lease ?

    Thanks guys Stuart, are you going to pm me the details ? Thanks a lot Lynne
  13. ladycasper

    Anyone breaking a lease ?

    Hi ladies, No thanks want a change from Aldingo !! Need something by 3rd week August, just our luck nothing suitable at the moment. Stress almighty lol
  14. ladycasper

    Anyone breaking a lease ?

    Is anyone breaking a lease ? Looking for a nice newish or refurbished home with or without pool / log burner, in a nice suburb ? Preferrably Port noarlunga, mclaren vale ?? or similar Please pm me if you know of anything Thanks

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