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    Which passport?

    So I became an Aussie citizen earlier this year but haven't yet applied for my Aussie passport. if I travel out of the country on my uk passport do I need to update my visa/citizenship info with anyone? Or will my uk passport identify me as a dual citizen? Or am I better to make sure I get an Aussie passport to avoid any confusion?
  2. LaurenG

    Citizenship Question

    That's a relief! Awesome. Thank you.
  3. LaurenG

    Citizenship Question

    I am having a baby! :jiggy:and I have just been invited to my citizenship ceremony (a few days before my due date.) My partner is Australian. Will my baby be a dual national like me if I take my Aussie citizenship before he/she is born? or will they only be Australian? I would like for them to be able to freely travel/work in the UK if they choose to. So wondering if I need to delay my citizenship if that makes a difference to them.
  4. Totally jealous Jessica berry! 3 weeks to the cinema show!! Still lots of seats left. Hope they get booked up... Would love it to be a good fun atmosphere. xx
  5. We're on the back row. hoping it books out... Tickets are selling much slower than the live shows. Haha.
  6. Yes thinks it's a bit poor that they don't tour out this way.... After all, their biggest fan (Me!) lives here. im hoping there's a good crowd at the cinema so we can get excited and have a dance. Not sure I'd be able to sit in my seat with a box of popcorn. This current tour looks awesome. So colourful! i went to the last 3 tours (several times).... All since they got back together. i was 13 when they split up and I never got to see them back in the day. Wish I had. ...and I've met Gary Barlow at a book signing too. Love love love!
  7. Calling all Take That fans! The cinema tickets to see Take That (not so) Live are on sale with event cinemas Marion. showing 7pm 22nd July. It will be a recording from their current tour, which is being shown LIVE across the UK and Europe cinemas on 16th June. Due to the Aussie time differences we apparently have to wait over a month to see it. Go Figure! Hay-Ho! I'm still excited for it! So dust of your dancing shoes and book your tickets! Hoping to get a fun audience in there! Lauren
  8. Hello All, Hope you've had a Merry Xmas. So lucky me is off to Bali for the New Year and want to get some currency tomorrow. In the UK there were comparison websites so you knew whether you were best to go to M&S or the PostOffice for your holiday spends. I'm wondering if anyone knows of anything similar here? or perhaps just knows from experience who generally has the better rates... Thanks xx
  9. Hello, I'm going on a little visit back to the UK. Does anyone know if I can still use the nhs if I have been Aussie resident for 2 years? if not any recommendations for good (but cheap) travel insurance? Thanks
  10. Thanks Dan, I happen to have a flyer for them in front of me. I will give them a call tomorrow.
  11. Hey guys, I am hoping to be able to do a self move (between Moana and Somerton Park) whenever we moved in the UK we could easily hire a transit van. Here they seem to offer either little commercial vans, trailers, utes or trucks. Does anybody know anywhere that hires transit vans? If not I'm worried im going to have to hire a truck which looks a bit scary to drive!!! However do I need a special licence for those?? Thanks, Lauren
  12. It probably would have been ok if you were looking to come over soon but unfortunately (or happily in the case of me and the new tenants) people have signed to take over the lease shortly, so it is no longer available. Good Luck in your search for somewhere though. How long till you move over? try realestate.com.au and domain.com.au also sometimes worth keeping an eye on gumtree as private landlords often advertise on there.
  13. LaurenG

    shipping boxes for moving

    Hey guys, Just wondering if anybody has any of their shipping boxes they no longer need as I'm moving. Thanks, Lauren
  14. Certainly has been stormy out there the last few days!! Was supposed to have someone coming to view today and they didnt show. (not pia people) It was super stormy when they were supposed to come so I have expected to them to call and postpone - I wouldn't have turned out in the middle of it - but no call, no show. Bit annoying! They sounded so keen too. Anyway, still available. http://www.realestate.com.au/property-townhouse-sa-moana-410926863

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