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  1. I'm 25 been here close to 2 years have a lovely group of friends met through this site and we want to meet more a people for summer we are a mix of girls and boys, we are trying to arrange a meet up at the seacliff on friday, PM me if u fancy it and we can exchange facebooks x
  2. Hey everyone. Come to seacliff on friday night! I've been here nearly 2 years I'm 25 have a lovely group of British friends and we want more people to meet us for summer:) we are a mix of girls and boys! If you fancy catching up send me a PM and we can exchange face books
  3. LisaWebster87

    New Friends

    Hey:) I've been here nearly 2 years. I'm Scottish 25 and have a group o friends all met on here. U should come meet us all
  4. Hey, I've not been on here a while. I've been here 2 yrs nearly and got a group of friends all met on here. We always happy to show people the ropes and stuff. I'm 25 and there is a mix of girls and dudes aged between 20-25. If anybody wants we could arrange a huge meet up next week sometime
  5. LisaWebster87

    New to adelaide ..

    cool yeah i got your number will text you our details after work let u know the plan, we going to the grand later as well. going to be one messy day/night
  6. LisaWebster87

    what was your best deal?

    i used pss.... hiden charges dont recomend
  7. LisaWebster87

    What do you have to carry when driving ?

    yeah i do that as well i keep my renewal form as well as my payment receipt as that what i heard
  8. LisaWebster87

    What do you have to carry when driving ?

    aw thanks so much just had a look, im a citizen worst they can do is make me surrender my uk licence and change over to an SA one so im fine till i have some spare cash
  9. LisaWebster87

    What do you have to carry when driving ?

    yeah i know, i spoke to my friend who is a police officer and he adv i will get a caution but thats all, just havent gotten round to it and not really had the money to spare. ill defo change it i know i should have just had so much going on as u can all imagine
  10. LisaWebster87

    What do you have to carry when driving ?

    nah u dont you be ok, ive not even changed my licence... bad i know but u just need your licence and you are fine
  11. LisaWebster87

    New to adelaide ..

    im glenelg, abii and her sis in christies beach. another girl from reynella and another from seacliff like i said add us on facey and we will get sorted
  12. LisaWebster87

    New to adelaide ..

    paige - my name is Lisa Webster im 24, us girlies have started a little social circle abii above met us up last week and it was agreat night, this goes to anyone else looking to make new friends. come out on saturay arvo with us to shzenfest or however u spell it haha 3 love xxx
  13. LisaWebster87

    Newbie sickness

    yeah it will pass. i was the same i think its only natural... however avoid the docs, they will feed u drugs to get over it, sweat it out ull be fine in a few weeks
  14. LisaWebster87

    Shipping unopened food stuff?

    u can get ketchup and HP here, foods better here dont worry u just need to find the right places to get and the right brands, may tak ea few months but i now prefer the food here
  15. LisaWebster87

    Newish to Glenelg

    my mum is 43 and from glenelg, im sure she would love to meet for a coffee

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