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  1. Hi Can anyone tell me if as an Irish Citizen you can take an IELTS exam to boost your points for a 489 visa application? Thank you.
  2. Hi, looking for some advise. The working holiday visa age for Canada & Ireland has been increased to 35. My sister who turns 35 next March has been considering immigrating for some time. If she were to come out on a Working Holiday Visa, is it possible to obtain sponsorship through a company for permanent residency. The conditions of the 417 is that you can holiday & work (generally 6 months per employer). Or is she better to take the longer route of applying for permanent residency from the start? Thank you.
  3. Has anybody immigrated as a Pharmacy Tech? If so can you tell me do you have to have a degree/diploma qualification or is a certain length of employment as a Pharmacy tech also accepted? Thank you
  4. My sister in Ireland is starting to look into permanent residency to Adelaide. She has a degree in Marketing & is currently working in a Sales management role in a pharmacy, so Sales & Marketing Manager is the one she’s looking at on the Occupations list, but wants to know how you find out exactly what they are looking for in terms of experience & capability’s. Is there anywhere that lists exactly what they want you to be able to do for specific occupations?
  5. Hi all, I immigrated nearly 6 years ago. My sister is now hoping to do the same. She turns 34 in March so unless the 1 year work visa age is increased to 35 whereby she could then apply for a second year extension & hopefully secure something permanent within that timeframe she is going to have to go down another route. When we immigrated Permanent Residency was the 176 visa (I think). Which is easier to obtain permanent residency or sponsorship via a company? What kind of timeframe will she be looking at for each of them? For company sponsorship, does she just look on Seek etc find a job that she’s qualified for, ring & ask if they recruit from overseas? Or is it more complicated or a better way of doing it? Sorry if these are stupid questions, I’m so far gone from this process now, I’m wondering how I ever got in!! Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. JoRed4

    Refresh my memory please!

    She has a first class honours degree in Marketing. She hasn’t been able to gain employment in that area though since she graduated 2 years ago. She works in a pharmacy handling many aspects including their advertising. She advertises her professional profile on LinkedIn & has obtained a few short term digital marketing & advertising jobs. Would this be enough? I’m in Adelaide, so should be looking to come to SA.
  7. JoRed4

    1 year work visa age limit.

    Thank you ?
  8. Hi all. My sister is considering coming out here from Ireland but she turns 34 in March. I’ve read there have been proposals to up the age limit from 30 to 35. Does anyone know if this limit will realistically be increased any time soon. If not as a citizen, is there any way that I can help her application process? Thank you
  9. As I'm sure most of you know posting gifts etc back home costs a small fortune often the cost is more than the value of the contents. I wondered if anyone had website suggestions, particularly for children's gifts & clothes other than Next & M&S. I love receiving stuff from Next etc out here but can't imagine it's that exciting when you live in England or Ireland & have an outlet down the road! Also if there are any that gift wrap too? Thank you
  10. JoRed4

    Which Hallett Cove Kindy?

    Thank you for your reply. This has helped a lot. I have a small group of friends here and all their children go to St John's Catholic School in Christies Beach, this is where she is most likely to go. Based on what you said Hallett Cove Pre School would probably make more sense as the children seem to be more spread out in terms of which school they go on to afterwards.
  11. I wondered if anyone could help me out. My daughter is due to start Kindy in January in Hallett Cove. I have her name down at both Karrara Kindy & Hallett Cove Preschool because I couldn't decide. I have taken her to a playgroup at each Kindy but that hasn't helped. Both Kindy's are lovely & the staff in both seem very nice. With the transition classes starting in term 4, I really need some help in making up my mind please. Thank you
  12. Excellent condition Any questions please don't hesitate to ask 2 Polo shirts 1 pair of shorts 1 hat
  13. Visitors are nearly upon us!!! And the cream carpets in our rental (madness, I know) are in need of some freshening up. Can anyone recommend a good company to use please. We live in Glengowrie. Cheers
  14. JoRed4

    Expresso Cruz Buggy

    Hi Sarah, sorry for the late reply we've just had another baby so had our hands full. The buggy max weight is 19.5 kgs, and not suitable for child under 6 months. Hope this helps
  15. JoRed4

    Expresso Cruz Buggy

    Unwanted gift, never used. Been sat in it's box in our garage for a year. Having a clear out before new baby arrives. $40 Any questions please ask :Expresso Cruz Buggy Jo Member since 2012
  16. Gifts given to me for my daughter that I simply never got around to using. Never been worn. Some of the items still have the tags on. Pink coat & dress set come with a hand warmer & hat. $40 Any questions please ask.
  17. Expecting 2nd bub in a few weeks so have had to upgrade to a double pram. The pram & carseat are from Mothercare in the UK. The pram comes with pram apron, head hugger, hood, cot liner harness pads, fabric seat, seat frame, bumper bar, cosytote and raincover. The pram converts into a stroller as your child gets older; the pram can be set to face you or face away from you & does the same when it's used as a stroller. There is a shopping basket underneath the pram as well, handy for storing things. The Maxi Cosi comes with a head hugger also. Maxi Cosi faces you when it is attached to the pram frame. Very good condition, other than general scuffs from daily use the only things that don't work are the adjustable handlebar height (which I never used anyway, only my husband, hence why it doesn't work anymore!) and the zip at the back of the hood which doesn't effect it's use whatsoever as you simply pull the cover down. Instruction manuals for both also included. Please send me a PM for details on price, location and any other questions you may have. Cheers
  18. JoRed4

    £100 to get my medical records !!!

    Ours are still sitting in the brown envelope that I was given by my doctor in England; never been asked for them. Just bring your Red Books for your children.
  19. JoRed4

    Shipping. Who to go with?

    We used John Mason; our stuff was delayed by about 3 weeks, but it does say when you sign that some factors are out of their control; everything arrived safely. The company they use on this side are very good as well.
  20. Bought this TV to keep us going while we waited for our furniture to arrive from the UK; bought from Dick Smith's less than a month ago for $348; as good as new; comes with remote control, power lead & instruction manual. Selling for $250 Key Features •HD digital tuner •1920 x 1080 Screen Resolution •480i/P, 576i/P, 720P, 1080i/P Signal compatibility •800:1 Contrast •160 degree viewing angle •5ms response time •Stereo system •HDMI x 3 Port •USB 2.0 interface •Sleep timer •Teletext •Parental control We live in Glenelg; if interested please PM. Thanks for looking
  21. JoRed4

    Yorkshire day

    Happy Yorkshire Day to you too David & Christine
  22. JoRed4

    Looking for friends

    Perfect, see you later. Jo
  23. JoRed4

    Looking for friends

    Tomorrow seems to suit a few of us; I sold my car last night so I'm a bit limited in terms of being able to travel at the moment, I live in Glenelg, is anyone up for meeting at Gloria Jeans on Jetty Road, say 2pm? Jo
  24. JoRed4

    Fantastic Holden Commodore For Sale!!

    Just to let anyone who is interested in this car know, we sold the car this evening.

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