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  1. I have a franchise not with jims. I be live that you are better going out on your own. they will promise anything to get you to sign up, the up front of $25,000 is just the start its the fees every month of about $600 As I said do it yourself you will be better off
  2. plumber

    Looking for plumber to do do small cash job. Pm me.
  3. Adelaide to Brisbane

    Brisbane is great place great climate a real go ahead city not like backwards Adelaide. Adelaide seams to be going backwards.
  4. Shocked

    Is there not a bunnings in seaford just now?
  5. I have found with working all over the city that there are certain areas that certain nationalities seem to stick to like Woodville gardens and Athol park have a large Asian population where Kilburn and prospect seem to have Indian Pakistani and Afghani living there It just what I have seen over the years in different areas.
  6. Rental Availability

    I have no interest in your income and did not enquire about your income. I know it takes money to set up but most is claimed back from tax unless you have a really bad tax agent/ accountant.
  7. Willunga and surrounding areas...

    Does not look like you have been to Hollywood plaza or Arndale shopping centers then.
  8. Rental Availability

    I think you are saying that for years that some have been over priced and now are on a even par with other furnished rentals cost wise. As for self employed tradies making $75 an hour good luck to them if people are silly enough to pay that sort of money. But you must remember they had to serve a 4 -5 year apprenticship on very low wages and have overheads such as van and all types of tools to keep maintained.
  9. Rental Availability

    So what you are saying they weren't good value but they are now.
  10. Rental Availability

    Im in the wrong business should have furnished rentals. If the cost of rentals have not increased in the last five years or so and they can still charge the same now and still be in business making a profit they must have been making a killing over they years as the cost of living has jumped a large amount in that time ie electricity etc.
  11. builders license

    Try this post they will help you with the courses you need to do to be able to get your builders licence and the courses are free ...YOU must do the courses to get a builders licence you can not just buy one once you get the licence it is just over $200 a year to keep it. [h=3]Attention tradies[/h]Hi All I have 19 places available for the Apprentice to Business Owner program. This program assists tradespeople that have completed a qualification http://www.pomsinadelaide.com/forum/jobs-careers/42545
  12. Anyone else noticed - friend finder?

    Can't see that. .
  13. Anyone else noticed - friend finder?

    I was looking at a post the yesterday and most were from the north, north east Paralowie, West lakes, Norwood, Unley Henley, Paradise, to name a few so it must be all over they were a few having a meet yesterday at the west lakes hotel so it said.
  14. As it was only posted yesterday should you not send a pm if you are interested in the job the guy has been kind enough to post on here.
  15. social clubs

    You could try these clubs a lot of older Poms go to the southern one it. http://www.bestclubs.com.au/sa/british-working-mens-club-inc/default.aspx [h=3]Southern Districts Workingmen's Club Inc[/h]www.sdwc.com.au