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  1. adelaidenow

    Gutter Guard

    We moved 3.5 years ago but I think it was about $100 - 120 for a large 2 storey house with a massive verandah (20m x 5m). They quoyed me over the phone initially.
  2. adelaidenow

    Gutter Guard

    We used a gutter cleaning company (Gutter sweep) who cleaned our gutters every 6 months in our old house with a lot of tree litter. This was a good option as it wasn't expensive and we would have had years worth of cleaning done for the cost of gutter guard. They cleaned the whole roof as well as the gutters and also the paved areas around the house, so the whole place got a regular good clean up. They very efficiently contacted us when our time was due, meaning we didn't have to think about it and remember to book them. Previously we had gutter guard that was clogged and caused collapse of our bathroom ceiling. It had probably been there for years before we bought the house and hadn't realised it was clogged up.
  3. adelaidenow

    Is anyone considering leaving SA?

    He didn't settle in Sydney, and originally left UK. Obviously he is looking for something that just isn't 'there' so has returned to the comforts of 'home'.
  4. adelaidenow

    Is anyone considering leaving SA?

    You lived here a short time, but sound like an expert - you are not.
  5. adelaidenow

    Is anyone considering leaving SA?

    I wasnt shopping in the stores you mention, I use local shops, and I live in NE Adelaide, and utilise the market 'shops' and markets. It doesn't matter if you live in Adelaide, London, NSW or anywhere, if you don't work you can't afford everything you want, I don't get why you put that dig in to Adelaide. It's not relevant to the discussion. And your Telstra bill, again nothing to do with ADL as you quoted, it's the same deals nationally. And as I mentioned and Snifter backed up, you were paying too much. As for phone calls a long distance (national) call here can be 3000 miles, in London it won't be that long, so it's not surprising calls seem more, they have further to go. How much does it cost you to call Russia from London? Same distance as Perth to Sydney.
  6. adelaidenow

    Is anyone considering leaving SA?

    You obviously looked in the wrong shops or out of season re avocados, 50c each here for me yesterday. But hey, don't let a positive about SA spoil your Sunday. And why did you pay 300 a month to Telstra (or did you have Foxtel as well)? Did you not look at Whirlpool and see how much cheaper you could have it. There is NO need to have expensive landline and mobile, as any expensive deal will include lots of things, no need to pay through the nose for both.
  7. adelaidenow

    Luggage travelling to UK

    With Emirates it will be checked all the way through, assuming from Dubai to Birmingham is on Emirates too, so no need to worry.
  8. adelaidenow

    Mass Unemployment looms over adelaide

  9. adelaidenow

    We should move to the eastern time zone

  10. adelaidenow

    Mass Unemployment looms over adelaide

    If you are so good at searching, why don't you widen the search and see what else I do - as in help many people on here, save them money and go out of my way to help others. You have been active on this forum for a few months and all you want to do is put Adelaide down - we can't stop you, but you are factually wrong quite often. And I have finally had enough of reading and will happily take you to task on it as most others just read and don't reply. And you think I am Murdoch....and yet you have searched about me, I am not sure any of my beliefs are like his....maybe you need to update your search engine!
  11. adelaidenow

    Mass Unemployment looms over adelaide

    I post balanced things, I say what I don't like and I out people who only post a biased view. It's only fair to highlight to other posters that some people only post negatives.
  12. adelaidenow

    Mass Unemployment looms over adelaide

    And another fact is the country you left and have now gone back to was in a worse state than SA has been in for the past 20 years (and probably wont get to in the next 20). You didn't like it here (Adelaide), yet you moved here from Sydney and you left the UK only to return. To you where is a good place to live?
  13. adelaidenow

    Mass Unemployment looms over adelaide

    Greece is a mess, Adelaide isn't. If anyone had good jobs and are happy they would be bonkers to emigrate to any place without a job to go to. Many people do it, but i think they are all mad. the person who posted only ever gives one side of ADELAIDE, that needs to be highlighted :-)
  14. adelaidenow

    Mass Unemployment looms over adelaide

    That article says nothing but a biased opinion but I can see why you posted it. It's of no real relevance to anyone on this forum to be quite honest. But again I can see why you chose to post it.
  15. adelaidenow

    Port Noarlunga, Seaford, Christies Beach etc

    You say you are fussy, and you sound like you have never been here before, so how and why did you decide they are the areas you want to live in?

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