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  1. Jsmull87

    Adelaide Oval

    Thanks for that guys. Train would be preferred as game day is also my birthday so [emoji481]would go nicely. May look into a hotel for one night also. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Jsmull87

    Adelaide Oval

    I am thinking about getting tickets for the Roosters v Storm game on June 28th. With it being an evening game can anybody tell me how easy or difficult it would be to get to/from if staying in O’sullivan Beach? Don’t arrive in Adelaide until June 7th so no idea on getting around yet. The air BnB is O’sulliv Beach
  3. Jsmull87


    Hi mate, I’ve contacted all those you listed and only PEER have confirmed they are running the course. I think they bought out training prospects also. I have been talking to skilled migration services who are now the department who help with funding. Probably skills sa renamed. I know someone who say they provisionally registered with a view to getting funding upon arrival. I’m getting twitchy now as they have said places are nearly gone for October. I quite fancy getting back into.contracting initially with a view to maybe learning some solar. Always wanted to do it over here but the bubble burst very quickly when they pulled the feed in tariff. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Jsmull87


    When is a good time to start applying for jobs etc. I will be arriving first week in June and was wondering if I should start introducing myself to employers advertising roles similar to what I would be looking for. Does anybody know of any RTOs for gap training? I spoke to PEER and the only one available is October. Earlier would be better if I am to convince employers to take a chance on me. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Jsmull87

    How long to find a rental

    Hi, @HelenS can I ask how you went about changing your licence prior to getting a home? I’m confused as some sources say you need an address for your licence and then I hear you need the licence to get the enough Id for the address.. Which came first, the or the ..
  6. Jsmull87


    Ah ok. Part of the work ready program by the look of it. Big help. Cheers ill be in touch nearer the time about that beer I owe you
  7. Jsmull87


    Hi Mate, Finally booked our flights for beginning of June and starting to research ready. Are Skills SA still going? When I google them it comes up with South Africa instead. Some funding would be a big help if it’s available so definitely want to look into it.
  8. Jsmull87

    190 Visa Urgency

    Skillselect is the way it is for a reason. You remain a number so that personal feelings don’t come into it. Probably not what you want to hear I know, sorry. I take it you registered with SA and payed the fee etc. You could contact them perhaps . They may be ablle to give you some advice. They have been helpful with my questions although not visa related.
  9. Jsmull87


    I will look into all those organisations you listed over the weekend. I wouldn’t have known there was so much help available if it weren’t for you and these forums. There’s a company in U.K. charging megabucks to do the gap training which I was tempted to sign up to but if it’s only a few weeks long over there it will be better. The beer sounds good. I definitely owe you a couple for all the info. I’ve been doing all the visa application and wife’s skills stuff myself that until now hadn’t thought about what I needed to do. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Jsmull87


    Hi Curly, Really appreciate the reply. I’ve got the OSTR even though the wife is the main applicant. Made sense to get the extra points as I would have to do it any way to get a license. Will be heading over on a 189 PR visa if all goes to plan. We submitted the visa application in April so if immitracker is somewhere near we should have a case officer assigned very soon. Everything is uploaded now as we did medicals this week which is why we’re now looking at our next steps. im quite open to going back into construction. The only thing that got me into servicing was the drop in work over winter in UK and weather. Adelaide should be ?. Its nice to hear someone’s story with a positive vibe. Cheers James
  11. Jsmull87

    Sponsorship by employers

  12. Jsmull87


    Yeah sorry. Wife is a teacher
  13. Jsmull87


    Does anyone know what suburbs have rugby (union) teams. I know how serious Aussies take their sport so thinking more social team than competitive with a few beers afterwards. Alternatively any good quality teams that could go watch regular (league or union).
  14. Hi, Does anyone have any experience of Early Years teaching in Adelaide? Could you start the registration process whilst still in the UK with just the mandatory notification training to complete on arrival. I know teaching in Adelaide is a competitive market but any tips would be appreciated. Quite prepared to do daycare ECT but school/ reception would be the goal. The main thing is gaining experience, meeting new friends and having some kind of income to get set up.
  15. Jsmull87


    Hi, Can anyone tell me what the demand is like for sparkles at the moment. Obviously i have gap training to consider so maybe trade assistant is where i need to be looking but open to advice. Spent recent years in UK working in Facilities Management as Electrician/ project manager within shopping centres and pharmaceutical manufacturing plant. I have college certs, testing cert, pat cert etc. Some experience with AC systems and F-gas cert. IPMA level D project management cert and AutoCAD cert although limited experience drawing. If anyone has any tips such as CV formatting, recommendations of recruiters, companies they know are open to taking on new arrivals etc they will be greatly appreciated. I’m sure its a competitive market. Served my time house bashing/commercial new build so no issues getting my hands dirty.

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