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  1. I have two tickets for Allison Moyet Friday 6th October 2017 - Adelaide Entertainment Centre Paid $300 Excellent seats will take $200 Would of loved to have gone but i'm now unable. Please PM if interested cheers Michelle
  2. Sofa Bed Wanted

    Looking for a Sofa Bed in good condition Thanks
  3. Girls night Out, O'Halloran Hill

    Hi I'm new to O'Halloran Hill but have been in Adelaide about 8/9 years , Ive stopped counting... I'll pop along if that's OK, might see some faces from years back.... thanks Michelle
  4. Flushers/plasterers required

    Hi I am looking for a quote for some plastering work on my home including cornice work can you please PM me your details Thanks Michelle
  5. I can't thank this team enough for their diligence, communication and thoroughness , absolute A + performance from Andrew , Stacey and Adam , a supurb team, who leave leave no stone unturned, I would highly recommend this professional firm to anyone , good job guys !
  6. Rude driving instructor

    That is not acceptable behavior , make a complaint...
  7. Building Inspectors / House Surveys

    From bitterly cold experience, I would have the gas boiler checked by a reputable company ..... ask your vendor for the service history of any work, if they cant supply it assume its not been serviced ever and get it checked out avoiding a huge bill to replace a heating system ( hindsight is an exact science) Good Luck
  8. Loft Insulation (laggging)

    Hello I need my loft insulated , er properly *roll eyes*, does anyone have a contact that they would highly recommend, or anyone i should avoid , Please PM me ? Keep Warm & thanks Michelle
  9. Junior 7 Piece Drum Kit - 2 years old - Bargain - $ 199 SOLD - Thank You. Will throw in the stool as well............ Please PM me if interested.. Ta
  10. Home and never been happier!

    Great Post, Im happy here but never say never !
  11. I have a huge amount of boys cloths to sell , separated in ages 3-4 and 4-5 . $ 50 for a large bag, t-shirts , trousers, shorts , shirts , sweatshirts etc Please PM if interested
  12. I have a huge amount of boys cloths to sell , separated in ages 4,5,6 big bags ( bin bag size ) $ 50 each includes trousers, shorts , jeans , t shirts etc etc all in very good condition washed and ironed and taking up space. ( my son is saving up for an iPod all proceeds towards this goal) PM if interested ... Michelle
  13. LG white fridge freezer

    LG fridge freezer , 5 years old, White, perfect working condition, have reconfigured the kitchen and no longer suits. Buyer would need to collect and one of the door trays missing, would be suitable for new arrival getting started or someone looking for a beer fridge for the Garage .. Freezer section at top and fridge below $100 Ono pm if interested
  14. Warning for dog owners in southern suburbs

    I found out some Further info: A puffer fish's body contains a type of poison called a tetrodotoxin. If large enough amounts of this poison are ingested, it can cause paralysis or even death. See Link below
  15. Warning for dog owners in southern suburbs

    Thanks so much for this information, all the places I take my dog and more than often off lead, I shall keep any eye out thanks again Michelle ( some real sickos out there)