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  1. My son Ethan (12) is a keen rugby league player, in SA do they have junior rugby league teams that have weekly competitive league games
  2. soccer65

    Junior Grade Rugby League

    My son Ethan (12) is a keen rugby league player, in SA do they have junior rugby league teams that have weekly competitive league games.
  3. soccer65


    Apologies in advance if this appears a very silly question but i just dont want to take any more chances...... We literally have to validate our visa next week and due to a hectic schedule we are having to validate and get back to the UK asap I was told that the visa that we have now thankfully been accepted for a (190 ) needs to be validated next week (only received acceptance 3 days ago) can somebody please confirm that we all we have to do to validate the visa is land in any state and go through customs, then if we wanted we could come back to the UK the same day and validation has been successful. Thank you ( Thank god for this site)
  4. soccer65

    Visa refund request timescale

    Thank you for your reply - I made a stupid error with the points and applied for the 189 instead of the 190 - i have mentioned to them that they will be getting the money straight back so fingers crossed, We will let you know of the outcome. Lisa x
  5. Can anyone advise on what the timescale length it takes to get a visa refund, sent in for a refund request late October 2016 and had no correspondence to even say they'd even received our application for a refund.
  6. soccer65

    Case officer

    Thank you for your help this has really re assured us thanks again. Lisa
  7. soccer65

    Case officer

    HI please could somebody help relieve this worry ? its around 3 weeks now since we applied for the Visa, I was given an e mail stating that we would be appointed a Case officer. I was wondering how long others had to wait for the Case Officer to get in touch, we are just a bit twitched due to the amount of money transferred. Thank you Lisa
  8. soccer65

    Moving in 2017

    Hi Naomi We havent used a migration agent as we didnt last time during our sponsorship, that said, we are anxious that everything is going to go to plan. We have logged and paid for the skilled visa and will feel so much better when a case worker gets in touch with us so at least we can just give him /her what they ask for. I just didnt want to pay for somebody to do a job that we could do ourselves. Good Luck with yours Lisa
  9. soccer65

    Moving in 2017

    Hi we too are hoping to move out in August/September time 2017. Just the three of us myself my husband and my 6 year old son, the two eldest we are hoping will follow us so at least we are all in the same country, we are knocking on now so it was our last chance to get back to Adelaide. Good Luck to you all with everything. Hopefully we can all meet up. The last time we came there was a big meet up on the beach and people on here were really friendly and helpful in person too .
  10. soccer65


    HI x its a long shot really but thought i would ask if any of you have kids that have gone to university in particular primary school teaching - my daughter has thankfully said she would come with us she is currently studying for A levels and will have accumulated enough UCAS points (its a UK thing I think ???? ) to get to university in this country. We are just starting to look into this for her but i thought i would pick your brains first, as some of you can explain things a little more clearer than a website... any help would be appreciated. Thanks Steve & Lisa
  11. soccer65


    Is there any families in Yorkshire area hoping to move to Adelaide in the very near future, it would be great to meet with you all and moan about the visa process lol and also be part of the excitement when the process goes well. Fingers crossed we may have sold our house so we can hopefully get the visa started now and come to Adelaide " again " with no debt a good amount of back up money and the determination to make it work this time. I have decided to leave Fate alone and have realized that life is what you make it.
  12. soccer65

    skills assessment

    Can anybody enlighten me please, about a week ago i sent the rest of my documents into ANMAC for the skills assessment, I knew they would take around 12 weeks to complete but i havent even heard that they have received the documents, Is this normal for them i honestly get frustrated with them when i have to keep e mailing and they seem to get frustrated by this too lol xx
  13. soccer65

    Professional Reference

    Hi I actually did do this but you know how it is when your about to post your docs and you have one last quick look and then start to question (Will this be enough ????) I sent it anyway so i want to be ready incase they ask for something else. Thank you for your advice xxx Lisa
  14. soccer65

    Professional Reference

    Hi Oxi I got your message and i have sent you an e mail , Thank you
  15. soccer65

    Professional Reference

    [h=2][/h] Please please please could somebody let me have a look at a professional reference they had done by their employers for the ANMAC skill assessment, I know there is an example but i have just received mine back from my employers and im not sure there is enough examples of what i actually do. A reference from a neonatal nurse would be really really helpful. Thank you xxx Lisa

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