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  1. Hi there, I'd love to join a netball team for over 30s - I've not played for many years but I'd love to play for fun and enjoy a bit of competition! Please let me know if you know of any. Many thanks. Jo
  2. Josie

    Christies beach or littlehampton

    I'd go with Littlehampton if you know the school is good there. You're never too far from the beach and I'd avoid Christies schools. Just my opinion. All the best. X
  3. ... And double garage!
  4. Oh, by the way it's in Somerton Park!
  5. We've bought a house! Hurray! .... so we are breaking lease on a 3 bed house with large garden available from Sat 11th October 2014 in Paringa Park Primary/ Brighton High School Zone. PM for details. Jo x
  6. Josie

    Young mum looking to meet other mums

    Yes definitely come along! I'll be there next week. X
  7. Wow! I'd love to meet new people too. Am 37 with 2 girls who are 3 and 7. Work part time and study so not much time to socialise but It's improving!!! Am in Somerton park. X
  8. Josie

    Young mum looking to meet other mums

    Hi there! There's a wonderful Playgroup at 10am on Wednesdays on Brighton jetty road at the church which is very popular and has lots of young mums with babies. It's very popular. It will start again next week when the children go back to school. I take my 3 year old there. Everyone is very friendly! Love jo x
  9. Hello! Im desperate for someone in the Somerton Park area to let our dog into the garden on a Monday and Tuesday lunchtime while I'm at work? Does anyone live in the area who can be a complete superstar?! Its a long shot but I'm hoping there's someone out there who can help?! Thanks for reading!
  10. Josie

    Childcare in Glenelg

    Glenelg community Childcare is lovely. Small premises but such friendly staff. Big waiting list though. About a year. Best to get on it ASAP. They do get spaces though as I have got my 3 year old in after 6 months. Kate Cocks in Brighton also lovely with lots of outdoor space but also has a waiting list! You are more likely to get a space if you want 3 days or more and hassle them lots! You are also entitled to 3 hours of occasional care a week at a kindy for $5. Would highly recommend Dover gardens kindy for this but might be too far. All the best x
  11. Josie

    Glenelg dentist recommendation??

    Thanks Sarah! Love their name! Will check it out...
  12. Josie

    Glenelg dentist recommendation??

    Thank you so much! A friendly dentist who is gentle on the wallet sounds perfect! I'll pop in tomorrow. Thanks again. X
  13. Josie

    Thomas Tank Engine Showbag!!!

    Showbag gone to person who pm'd me! Many thanks!
  14. Hi there, I'm trying to find a trustworthy Glenelg (or close to Glenelg) based dentist - preferably one associated with Medibank??? I have a list of Medibank ones around the area but would really like a recommended one as we've had bad experiences in the past and my husband has a deep seated fear of them.... Thanks lots x

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