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  1. migration agent recommendation

    Hi we are from the northwest but used go Matilda who have offices in Southampton and oz - no probs at all with them always answer phone and email! Would highly reccommend!
  2. Young mum looking to meet other mums

    Sorry I've returned to the uk now! But the Brighton play group is a great place to meet people for your child and you! There's a soft play in glenelg called wiggly worms though we felt it had over priced itself when taken over by new management! There's another called imagination kids which was great and the beach house is great and other games to do there too. Best of luck with your move back! x
  3. I can't remember if it was needed for the AITL I think you do, but you definitely need the letter for the assessment for registration with the TRB anyway so you may as well get it and ask for a few copies!
  4. Look at the Facebook group what's on for adelaide families - loads of great ideas! I think they have a website too! Every week they give a lowdown of what's going on!
  5. Apple Cider Vinegar anyone?

    We used bicarbonate of soda to deter the ants but apparently talc works as well! It did the trick they got all confused and didn't come in! Also ant rid! Xx
  6. No don't worry it will be fine! My husband had 11-16 PGCE and only taught 11-16 so you will be ok
  7. Fridge freezer still available
  8. Sofa For Sale

  9. Sofa For Sale

    Ah thanks anyway for letting me know!
  10. Sofa For Sale

  11. Sofa For Sale

    Ah excellent thanks
  12. TV for sale

  13. Sofa For Sale

    We have been here six months it just took a while to get furniture due to funds etc. I'll do a new thread on why I'm leaving soon! Thanks for your message.