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  1. Hi Zoe, The Charles Sturt website has a link for school holiday activities, they have got all kinds of stuff on in all different areas. My boys are a bit older 8 & 10 but ive booked them on the surf lifesaving & dragon boats, but stuff for younger ones too. Good luck Emma x
  2. steve&emma2011

    Hello - Help me please! ;)

    Hi Banksey. Like others have said areas are totally a personal thing, we did a reccie looked at numerous areas and then looked at school reviews, when we make our final decision we will be looking at the areas we liked with the good school. My husband is heading over 8 weeks before us. His job starts June 3rd but i am waiting for my boys to finish the school year before we head over. We also thought (totally personal preferance) even though we could go together it may be a bit easier if he goes first so he can find a house near his job and we can come and move straight in (ill find the ones i like online 1st of course lol). Couldnt imagine anything worse than dragging my 2 boys (7&9) around viewing houses. Good luck with whatever you decide keep us posted Emma
  3. steve&emma2011

    Hello everyone!

    Hi & welcome, We have just got back from our reccie, we stayed Gelnelg which was a lovely place and when we spoke to people about where to live quite a few mentioned to try and get in Brightons catchment as its a good school, we dont need to worry about high school yet my boys are 7 & 9 but its good to know for when we settle Also once we had our medicals the visa arrived within a few weeks so shouldnt be long now! Good luck Emma
  4. ooooo sounds perfect for us ill be intouch fingers crossed
  5. steve&emma2011

    Nearly there and really nervous!!

    Good luck, its nice to hear in am not the only one thinking am i doing the right thing but the way i am looking at it if i dont like it i can come back but home is wher my boys are and as long as they are happy i will be fine. Keep us updated on your journey Emma xxx
  6. steve&emma2011

    Meeting up North West UK.

    Thanks for organising this its a great idea, we will be there, hubby knows exactly where to pub is. You will recognise us my boys need a mute button lol
  7. steve&emma2011

    190 Visa Lodged Support Group

    Thanks Guys. Delta Tango we are still deciding on logistics, or how long it will take for me to clear out the house lol. Prob looking aug/sept as then the boys can finish the current UK school yr and start the final term in Adelaide before xmas and hopefully they will have made some friends for over xmas, if that makes any sense. Looking at flights & accommodation now as thats seems to be the best way to go and then we know its all sorted. You should be getting your visa any day now, Keep us posted xx
  8. steve&emma2011

    Meeting up North West UK.

    HI Stu, We are definately up for getting together. Jan sounds like a good plan, we are pretty flexible with dates then so can work round everyones prefered dates and we dont mind meeting in the middle save anyone doing a massive journey. Keep me posted with the dates & places you think. Em
  9. steve&emma2011

    OMG I cant quite belive our Visa has been granted !

    Thanks Guys drop me a message & let me know who you booked your flights & removals just starting on those now xx
  10. steve&emma2011

    Got a Job

    Great Idea, my hubbys just hit 40 LOL and our boys are a little older 6 & 9 but still great idea to get together. Im with Caroline send some dates and we will do it, will be great to compare notes Emma x
  11. steve&emma2011

    OMG I cant quite belive our Visa has been granted !

    Thanks Guys now just trying to decide when to go, i see your planning June, how exciting do you know where yet?? We will Probably be here till Aug I think gives us time to plan & soak info Good luck x
  12. steve&emma2011

    190 Visa Lodged Support Group

    Thanks Mazher, Its all very exciting & Scary Emma
  13. steve&emma2011

    Got a Job

    Congratulations! Thats great Advice, another job for Hubby Keep us posted.
  14. steve&emma2011

    190 Visa Lodged Support Group

    Not sure what the 176 is but the 190 is a State Sponsored Skilled Nominated Permenant visa if that helps
  15. Its says it all in the title really. After a few hurdles along they way, like husbands job going to special measures amd having to wait for the new systems in July, I openend our email to this from our agent ....... 'Hi Emma and Steve, Congratulations you are now Australian Permanent Residents!' Whats the first thing i did??.... Burst into tears LOL! When our CO was issued on 5th Nov i never thought it would be this quick and here we are with the visa, that sometimes i thought we'd never get. So to all of you at the start, middle or end of your journey .....All the ups & downs are sooo worth it, for that 1 second where you read that 1 line over and over again, through blurry eyes! Now the hard work begins, where to live, schools (2 boys 6&8 who want to leave tomorrow) healthcare, removals and rentals and telling my family & friends we are going (i think they dont believe us!!) I'll be spending all me life on here getting ideas! Good luck everyone. Emma, Steve, Owen & Matt xx

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