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  1. arleneloveskapunda

    Fishing beginner in need of help!

    Hey NWM, Yes I'm still in SA, sunny Kapunda. Have no intentions of leaving. Although my 14 year old and I have been through a trauma (Mike killed in a car crash) the support we've had from Aussies has been awesome! Also living in a country town is amazing.....food parcels, visits, financial support while waiting on life insurance etc. Mike and I moved to SA from Scotland in 2007, so we'd spent 5 years building a great life for ourselves. As you can imagine that life has changed but Gemma and I will continue to make progress and continue to embrace what a wonderful country we live in. Addy.
  2. arleneloveskapunda

    Fishing beginner in need of help!

    Hey guys, Just to let you know that yogi64 (Mike) passed away last October. He'd be the first to offer to take you out but hey-ho, life can change in an instant. Have fun Addy - Mikes wife.
  3. arleneloveskapunda

    Who out there owns a 4x4?

    Gosh, it was lovely to read this thread!!! Just to let you all know that Yogi (Mike) is no longer with us. Mike passed away after a traffic accident near Gawler last month. I just haven't had the heart to delete this thread. Addy - Mikes wife
  4. arleneloveskapunda

    My Mother's Death

    Gill, So sorry for your loss. I feel your pain my darling. I know the roller-coaster you are now on. My husband passed away two weeks ago. I wish I had words of wisdom for you, we all do. I started writing a journal. This may help you too, to write down all your thoughts and emotions. Regards, Addy.
  5. arleneloveskapunda

    The Passing of Yogi64 - Mike

    Thank you for all your kinds words. Yes we had met some of you at Victor. My nickname is Addy, so those I met on the 4WD would have know me as that. Mike's my hubby. Again, thank you. regards, arlene
  6. arleneloveskapunda

    The Passing of Yogi64 - Mike

    Many of you had postings from Yogi64. I just thought I'd let you know that Mike passed away on Wed 24th Oct. Regards, Arlene.
  7. arleneloveskapunda


    And we're into snake season too! Nice, cute, baby brown snakes...the type our cat loves!!!
  8. arleneloveskapunda

    Looks like October it is!

    Hey Ali, I too have been (quietly) following your posts! Wow, one month to go and you'll be here, that's great mate. I live (with Yogi 64) 70 kms north of Adelaide, so I could bore you to tears with how good country life is...but I won't! I reckon Glenelg will be a fantastic base for you to start with. We spend quite a bit of time there, just not practical to live there. Like Diane said in an above post, you can go direct to the city by tram. So sort out all the official stuff then head back to the beach at the end of the day...bliss. Mike and I would love to meet up for a coffee when you arrive, so give us - and the forum - a shout when you get here. Arlene p.s. Mike will have a beer, I'm always designated driver!
  9. arleneloveskapunda

    Customer service WTF !!!!

    OMG! I'm really shocked some of you have had bad customer service experiences. I can honestly say that since arriving over 5 years ago I've found Aussies to bend over backwards to help and provide a great service. Now I've probably gone and jinxed myself!!!
  10. arleneloveskapunda

    Thinking of getting a cat/kitten

    There's a 'no-kill' cat shelter at Ingle Farm. It's called 'Help Save The Furry Ones'. Check them out on Facebook or google. We have three cats, one likes to bring snakes back into the house with her. So far she's only been bitten once. Anti-venom and 2 nights at the vet cost $485! I think that was a bargain but that's country living for you. Check with your local council what the by-laws are, I think everywhere is different. Out here in Kapunda you're allowed to keep 4 per house. ADOPT don't SHOP
  11. arleneloveskapunda

    OK - Got the visa!

    Congratulations mate! Enjoy the adventure...
  12. arleneloveskapunda

    Cross your fingers for me

    Hey Ali, good luck mate...fingers and toes crossed for you!
  13. arleneloveskapunda

    Skilled migrants having trouble getting jobs?

    Hey Jim and Adele, Like I said, I was having a rant. I think it depends on your trade etc. I think it also depends on where you are willing to live/travel. We know of people who won't budge from the CBD/metro areas and they are really struggling but if they moved to the Barossa they would survive...and thrive...and the beach is only an hour away!
  14. arleneloveskapunda

    Skilled migrants having trouble getting jobs?

    That's correct, this is Poms in Adelaide. But visas are granted in the hope that migrants will live where the work is, especially SS visa class. I'm shocked that employers have given you the 'lack local experience' line. My hubby is a mechanic and had too many job offers to chose from because he's a pom (well that's what potential employers told him). Even now after 5 years he still gets other 'garages' trying to poach him! Apparently poms work harder bla bla bla.
  15. arleneloveskapunda

    Skilled migrants having trouble getting jobs?

    This may sound like a rant so here goes: After reading posts on this forum it appears that most migrants want to live in Adelaide next to the beach. However South Australia is a teeny bit bigger than Adelaide - next to the beach. South Oz has lots of regional and rural areas that need skilled migrants. I'm sure that if people were willing to live in outlying areas they would find work...and could visit the beach for holidays.

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