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  1. Riponian

    time to get serious!!!!

    Clare I would no worry too much about where you start but get looking for a short term rental. There are several on the internet you can book online. I love living in the South but you would probably be better in the Northern beaches but they are more expensive. Good luck Michelle
  2. Riponian

    Squash clubs

    Hi Kerri There is a a squash club at Christies Beach. My husband was big into squash when we first arrived and joined a club nearer the city http://www.squash-sa.com.au/ as it was a bit more serious and had better players. It is a big sport here but be prepared to travel to games Michelle
  3. There is also a fab little Rhythmic Gym class at Hallet Cove R-12 on a fri night. My daughter has been going for 18mths and loves it https://www.facebook.com/tanjule.rg.club?fref=ts
  4. Riponian

    Willunga and surrounding areas...

    I'd have to agree I would live in Willunga if hubby did not have to get into the city everyday. I love it when I visit Willunga such a lovely place, school is good too. Good luck
  5. Riponian

    Mylor Fireworks

    Brilliant thank you, went last year and was really good hope to go again this year :-)
  6. Riponian

    Cleaner Recommendations please

    My friend runs a re very professional business. "For All Your Cleaning NeedsDescription We are based in the Southern Suburbs of Adelaide and provide our clients with full house cleans, end of lease cleans, weekly, fortnightly or one off cleans. Let us do the jobs you dont like to! Honest, Reliable & Very Competitive Rates. pm me for the contact details
  7. Riponian

    Rental quandary

    Good luck and others have said take a couple of days and just get looking securing a longer term rental is not has hard as it sounds. Go and look at lots as some may not be as nice on the pics and be ready with your id to put in application there and then. Most agents are really good at helping with this if your not sure :-) Welcome to Adelaide it's a wonderful place :-)
  8. Riponian

    Camping - Flinders

    All of the finders is brilliant would happily visit again Where is the site pictured above looks like my kinda place :-)
  9. Hi and welcome to Adelaide got the info from my friend "MBSA (multiple birth SA INC) they have a website and are on facebook and the can put her in touch with local groups, info etc" Hope that helps
  10. Riponian

    myponga primary school

    I'd suggest you visit both school when can as that will determine which school you will send your kids too. I don't have any personal experience unfortunately. You should check out Willunga too but might be a bit far?
  11. Not done a house boat but not really keen and been to Naracourte and don't really want to go back just yet...
  12. Hi folks I am after suggestions of where to go in January when my family come from the UK but it has to be somewhere we have not been yet... So Barrossa, Clare, Flinders, Riverlands, Southern coast and Halls Gap all out! I want to show them Oz as they will never come again, but ideally we will be driving so needs to be drivable in a day and bit. Has to be kid friendly too open to suggestions and don't suggest KI as other half has ruled that out - Please help :-)
  13. I know friends kids go to Glenelg and live at Seacombe gardens heard that's a good school. I guess you can just go and look round the ones your keen on and decide from there you might get some personal experiences on here but you will go with your gut instinct. I take it you have looked at the naplans as a rough starting point...
  14. Riponian

    Christies Beach

    Yep it's a popular beach for dog walkers and just coming out off winter it will be particularly bad... go round the corner to Port Noarlunga much better :-)
  15. Have you tried Paris Painters? Seen their van around no idea cost though...

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