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  1. We are a small family run business called Custom Food Vans located in Lonsdale. Due to a high demand for our services, we are looking for an additional Sheet metal fabricator. Please click on link below for more details. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/lonsdale/welder-boilermaker/we-re-hiring/1144844694 If you are interested then please contact us via details in the link or you are more than welcome to private message me. Due to the nature of the position being a minimum of 6 months casual work, with the possibility of going permanent later, it would be ideal for anyone recently arrived who has the experience and is looking to gain much valued Australian work experience.
  2. Hi, Looking for a good reliable removal company for an office move in 2 weeks. Anyone on here have their own business or can recommend anyone? Thanks
  3. Hi, I have a young lady living with me who is over on a working holiday visa....circumstances have led her to be with us on a long term basis. She is 23 years old and is very experienced in hotel/hospitality and retail. If anyone knows of anything going please let me know! Thanks Lorraine
  4. lorluc

    Urgently looking for work

    I think its pretty tough out there in the job market atm My daughter has applied for countless of jobs and these are Barista/cafe/bar work jobs and is hearing nothing. She has the experience from here in Australia, plus working overseas for the past year in the UK. She has been looking and applying for over a month now. If you are looking for part time office work, i strongly suggest you get some form of book-keeping/financial knowledge. Alot of part time office work want you to have experience in all areas of admin. I found this when i came over 10 years ago, so i went to college part-time and learned MYOB. Knowing MYOB is what got me my job 7 years ago.
  5. Thanks very much for taking the time to write all this...much appreciated. I'll send you a private message so i can detail exactly what we have to use.
  6. Our super consists of UK pension funds transferred and also contributions made here. We have been here almost 10 years, and did the transfer not long after we arrived. The UK part sat in a QROPS fund (Solar wrap) for the time required which i think from memory is 5 years...although we left ours in there for longer. My husbands part was transferred to his employment super fund here early in 2014. I still have some in a my Solar wrap account that needs to be transferred
  7. Looking at creating a self managed super fund with the intention to use some to buy an investment property. Has anyone done this? If so, any advice?
  8. Selling my daughters cross trainer. Good condition. $300 or near offer.
  9. Selling bunk beds complete with mattresses. Great condition $100. They are already dismantled, but have a pic off the net of how they look
  10. Need my Braemar Heater serviced, any recommendations please?
  11. And of course dont forget the massive security deposit they will want to hold under pre authorisation on your credit card! Avis dont do this. I booked my uk hired car throught the australian avis site and paid the exact equivalent quoted in pounds.
  12. We have decided to sell our daughters Barina. After going back to the UK for a holiday last year, she decided to stay long term. She just got herself a flat so needs all the funds she can get! The car is a lovely little holden barina that has had lots of work done on it including an engine rebuild and total respray. Its a 1998 3 door. Ideal for a first car...cheap to run. Its currently not registered (expired in December) , but will register for new owner. Please msg me if interested and im happy to send photos or send you the link on gumtree where it is also advertised.
  13. lorluc

    Kids Returning to the UK

    Haha!!! well seeing as the boys are still 11 and 15 cant really nag them yet...but the 24 year old can!!!!
  14. lorluc

    Kids Returning to the UK

    Hi, happy to help out on this one! As wizzywozza said, recent experience for us! i've read some of the replies and it must be really confusing for you as you are getting alot of conflicting answers. I can only tell you from my experience which is as recent as you are gonna get!!! My daughter and I were on holiday in the Uk in October and had entered the UK on australian passports. When she started to make her feelings known that she would like to stay there, I contacted immigration/border control who informed me that it did not matter at all that she had entered on an aussie passport....she was born in the UK and even though her British passport had expired (and this was still her child one) she was entitled to stay in the UK and live and work. She did not require a visa even though she had entered the country on an australian passport. Yes you do need to have an NI number......We called the NI helpline....gave her name and as we had claimed child benefit in the UK till she was 10, she was on their system. All they had to do was reactivate her as being back in the UK and the NI number would be sent. It does take a while and after a month she still hasnt got it...main reason is the british gov can be incompetent like anywhere else and didnt send it when they said they were....so she is still waiting for it.. Yes couple of jobs wouldnt interview here without it...but others did. She has secured herself a permanent full time position as the place she is working know she is british. Her expired child passport and birth certificate are proof enough she is british and entitled to work and live in the UK. Since being there she has renewed her british passport which took less than 2 weeks to come through. She lives in a shared house in the town where she works. No need for a car as she is lucky to have got a job 10 minutes walk from her front door. Public transport is good though in the area she is living. She has moved back to our old home town, Newport Pagnell and has been reunited with so many of her old school friends from her primary days. When she dropped the bombshell half through our holiday that she wanted to stay, well as many of you can imagine, it was pretty hard to get my head around. But at 19 she has to do things for herself now. I brought her to Australia at the age of 10, and she has had pretty much all her teen years here, and really wanted to experience whats left of them and some early adult life in the UK. But hey that was what we always wanted for our kids....the choice! Dual citizenship allowing them to be where they want...Australia or the UK. Yes my flight home on my own was pretty emotional and of course I miss her badly, but I wouldnt have it any other way now....Its an experience of a lifetime for her....Having left a school a year ago and not really sure what she wants to do, hopefully how ever long she is over there will help her to make some decisions. Yes its tough financially...be prepared to have to support them. Fortunately while she was on leave she didnt touch 4 weeks annual leave pay so that pretty much paid for her first months rent and deposit...but i have had to support her until she gets paid...which is this week!!! Woo!!! Hope this has helped.
  15. lorluc

    Seaford Rangers

    HI Linda, unfortunately you are visiting during the off season for football here. The 2014 season has just finished and most of the trials are happening over next couple of weeks. Training for the new season 2015 wont be starting till early next year now.

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